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  1. I've been playing Dual almoust since alpha started and i, for one, have always been in favor of a wipe But i'm not 100% against the schematics. The problem with them was the way you placed them on the game ... that was soooooo bad!!!! In a wipe if you keep the schematics from start people will adjust to it. That being said ... full wipe with extra points/tallents/quantas for your backers regardless of current status ingame, how many quantas we have, etc
  2. I've been expecting a full server whipe .... now i see it can be a permanent one ... Couple days ago, while talking with other players about DU, one thing we all agreed on was the lack of comunication from NQ. This, if true, can explain alot ... Trying to be positive but not feelink like it ....
  3. Absolute proof that i'm still playing and enjoying the game! And about RP ... it's funny how everyone defends that SW fans can RP without any RL insults but if i want to be a pirat (RP also) then thats because i'm scum .... LOL .... oh and yes i do understand that my RP needs others being atacked, spied and other activities but that's my INGAME choice. Now get a life and stop insulting people RL!!!!
  4. for us to prevent a crime would be making you stop posting!!!!
  5. It's not all about us, BOO, ... just 99% !!!! Now move along and play with your 1%
  6. BOO member here! Hi all I had lots of fun yesterday at the event and even more after on DU Discord with all the Salt there! 1st and above all to compare our actions ingame to who we are IRL it's just pathetic and you should all just got back to your moms basement and cry (see what i did here saying you are crying babies IRL and still living @ moms?). You can call it whatever you want about what we did. We did it because we want it to and because we could. Simple as that and without any excuses! Don't want that to repeat again? Just be better. Either at planing, defensing, secrets doesn't matter. And if you stop playing a game because you cannot fly you SW ships into PVP zone (I do Love those SW ships btw. Some great work there!!!) then DU wasn't the game for you in the 1st place. And for joaocordeiro and iNFiDeL ... you are our best propaganda players. Please keep the good work!!!! We really love that!
  7. Skilo


    LOL!!! Really?!?!?! LOL!!!!!
  8. Targets ..... Consider this your only and final warning .... You are all targets!!!!!
  9. 1st impression of this changes ... Looks like we are again moving in the rigth direction!!!! Let's see how this gets implemented!
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