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  1. The Call Goes Forth: When the Prophet's call comes nigh We stand tall We reply When blood the 'Father's call is for We go forth Blood we pour When our bones and blades do break We grow strong We remake When others come demanding war We consent We bring more When the heretics defy We stand tall And We Reply
  2. The wording of the vote is a bit harsh, as there can be legitimate and active members of an organization that do not own the game. Despite that, I do agree that for a member of a Dual Universe org to be officially counted, it makes sense that they should have to be in the game.
  3. I do hope I am posting this correctly, and I apologize if not. When I learned of this game, and the features it is promising, I very nearly collapsed from paroxysms of excitement. I am in the lengthy process of becoming an Electrical Engineer, and I very much adore everything to do with engineering and programming. Lately, I've been extremely discouraged by the lack of creative crafting elements in games today. I am extremely excited by what I have heard about the design capabilities of this game. So much so that I can barely type this message legibly (sincere and manic apologies). When I
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