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    Welcome! All of us are new at something, sometime. (that's either lame or deep - not sure)
  2. Bienvenue - Willkommen - Benvenuto - Welcome No matter how we say it, we're glad to see you!
  3. Come on now I hear you're feeling down Well I can ease your pain Get you on your feet again
  4. I thought I heard something — HELLO!! ? welcome
  5. Hiya Pantera! Looking forward to knocking the dust of my voxelmancy library - lol. I expected to see Tenma and some others here. I'll conect/join/whatever today and hopefully share and learn with y'all. Oh - please send me an invite or whatever - I'd love to be a part of your org - I was humbled (as many of us were) by your work in Landmark. I was Bearsoul Grapplhook on the Adventure server way back then - won a couple of contests - did a couple streams - even did a youtube - lol
  6. discordauth:jAj8KlUDLHXn4vP-Gx63uZOaN81ER7zUW1wv-Z8V9ME=

  7. LOL - I remember that episode! Pork-soul Pig-soul Bacon-soul! yeah - I like bacon! haha
  8. I ran a pretty large guild in DAoC (I know, ancient) and I once role-played my own disappearance. The guild was looking for me while I was hunkered down in a challenging dungeon that would take a lot of people to clear. What's more, I asked others in the community to help me pull this off by standing in areas around the world (4 or 5 locations) and offering hints. Now, I was also encumbered and could barely move (the escort out part would be against respawns all the way) - unarmed with only a server-first massive sword in my inventory. When the participants arrived, I was shocked to see, not just my entire guild, but members from all over the community come to "my rescue". I gave that cool sword away to one of the community members that really rallied everyone on the server. I used to do "wave training" too. Try to kill a massively impossible NPC by throwing wave-after-wave of optimized "squads" at it that were far below the creature level. RPG-ing some training exercises was inspiring for everyone. (we killed it by the way - took a while and several tries - haha). Why these two crazy, ancient stories? Because I wanted to make the point that RPG-ing is always fun. To have that fun, you must work within the limits of the game framework, however. You will have more challenges if you're trying to play a different game within the game. But 'using' the game to roleplay is crazy fun (not to mention inspiring, instructional and sometimes emotional). Know your environment - keep safety relevant and urgent at all times - devise your plan - execute your plan without hesitation - embrace all the things that suck - own it and do it until you get it right. Do this hard stuff and the rewards will come 10-fold. If you want to run an escort mission (for example) without being griefed, then devise a way to protect that mission. Make it a part of your storyline and solicit some griefers to come try their hand at your security escort (don't tell anyone in the group though). Build it up - involve the players across the universe - make it fun on a grand scale. And if you fail ... well do it over with a new approach. Risk something and receive more. We're all role-players after all. Heck, I told my wife I was rich, stable and liked her mother ... lol
  9. HA! Thanks - I'll try not to shed in space ... ewww
  10. Same Bearsoul, Pantera! Good to see ya. This is gonna be fun!
  11. Ex-Landmarkian - had a couple of builds for contests - that roman-esque pillared tradepost/jacuzzi with torches thing - lol. Spent a LOT of time in that world - miss it alot.
  12. Very nice - love that one a lot
  13. I know, right? I mean if the "space" isn't voxels that need to be 'cleaned', builds have some amazing potential. I can even see how I might approach the OP's design. Well tomorrow will be my first day - so be gentle with me. I'm looking forward to checking out as much as I possibly can.
  14. Bearsoul here - from many (many) worlds - lol. I'm 60 years old, played nearly every game (online and off), and always enjoy having some quiet time building or jumping into a massive PvP scrimmage (in which I tend to lose miserably at - lol). Some may know me from EverQuest, EverQuest II, WoW, Landmark and others -- or as Damien in Battletech, DAoC ... tons more as well. Drop me a line of our former lives crossed paths - or just drop me a line anyway - lol. Looking forward to making this a long-term game again - honestly been starving for one I can sink my teeth into again (although I'll likely need dentures soon - rofl).
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