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  1. Too many rules will mean less traffic! Good or Bad thing, you decide. Next you'll be telling me I need to meet an emissions test because my engines are bad for the environment. Really though I don't see the need for more than one rule - Don't be an ass.
  2. Going by what I've seen from the videos, I'm guessing you would put your market terminal in a secure room. Then add their names to the people allowed to operate the door. Just a guess, if the market terminal doesn't have permission options.
  3. I would love to see something like this, even as simple as landing configuration vs flight, like the imperial shuttle, or Klingon bird of prey. Or rotating sections of ships, like pretty much every human ship from Babylon 5. However as amazing as that would be, I would rather other elements of the game be developed first.
  4. I would be interested if you can assign permissions over a small area within a claim. A simple example, I build a block of flats, and then rent/lease/whatever each flat to a different person. But I only want the owner of Flat 1 to be able to edit Flat 1, not any of the other flats, or the building itself. Opens up a lot of options for building cities with individual lots.
  5. Watched that recently and while the storyline is a bit far out there. The actual lore around how all the "respawning" works is very believable.
  6. Having done the subscription/plex model before in eve, there are a few things that have been implemented "over there" that have made it very successful, and that's all based around security. When I first decided to sell a 'Game time card' as it was back in the day (pre-plex). There was no security, you didn't feel safe selling one, and there were a lot of scammers. However once the newer system was introduced all the purchases were verified, and you felt a lot more secure selling it. But specifically as someone who would consider selling DAC in game you would want certain guarantees, such as; - DAC cannot be destroyed or stolen. I'd say this is key to this working, so that seller and buyer have confidence. - DAC trading should be covered by special rules, denying the ability to scam/steal, with harsh punishments Same as above really, confidence in the system. I'm all for scams in game, hey if you have the gift of the gab and want to use it, go for it. That's real life for you. But this is a game and we're talking about peoples ability to play it, and real money. - The price of the DAC is not fixed in game. The problems caused by a flexible market, if market prices fall, then if the price of DAC were fixed this is ok, the seller becomes richer. If market prices raise then the seller feels hard done by. You might argue well tough, but if I'm getting less value out of my real money I'm less inclined to spend it, especially as it's optional. The only real downside to something like DAC is that it will likely be out of the reach of a newer player. PLEX you had to grind for a long time to be able to afford one, but then if it only took you 2 hours to grind enough cash to buy one, why would anyone sell one? I know I certainly wouldn't. It would certainly put off the casual sellers who occasionally buy one to supplement their in game earnings. How ever if you judge the value of a DAC by how much its worth to the average player to grind for 60 hours (2 hours/day in a month) that value will be much higher for seasoned players and much lower for new starters. However until we know the details of how things like skills will affect player earnings its hard to be certain! I've think rambled enough here, but the tl;dr of it is, DAC needs confidence, people will happily give up their money so others can play for free, but need to feel they are getting a good return on it. But above all else, Security.
  7. discordauth:ES5th04WLTZ0-rVPD6cKPzhQ8e8ldFhOqsFJyoiIFBM=

  8. Hello everyone, I'm Bishop formerly from Eve, among other places. When I'm not working, being a dad, selling organs to live, I love a good game. Roleplayer, PC Gamer, IT Superhero (apparently) Hopefully I see a few faces I recognise, and if you recognise me, I was told to do it. Fly dangerously everyone!
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