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  1. Just real quick i got the patreon package a while ago and i got a new pc so i need to redownload the game can anyone help me get to the download link
  2. My proposal to the market system is to have a way to program to set up restricted buying and selling based on players or orgs. So not anyone can do up in your city and out sell you or your org because they are selling for less. So instead of approaching a market terminal and accessing a universal market you access that orgs market. My real concern is creating an easier method of paying employees. The way I would like to do it is say for example I have miners that drop off or at my factory. Instead of both of us being online they can stop at my terminal reserved for them and sell there or to me
  3. This is a quick market place question. When selling or buy something from a market stand will it be a universe wide market like for example runescapes grand exchange were you deal with all players. Or will owners of the terminals be able to only sell their products
  4. Awesome I appreciate they great help and look forward to playing, supporting Du and watching it grow
  5. Only when I try to hit checkout, yes I'm signed in, and yes its is ongoing
  6. I've been trying to get in contact with support but after the initial "message received reply" I haven't gotten any help and i would really like to purchase the game before Thursdays test. I would post a picture of my issue but its saying the file is to large
  7. I can't even get to the part where I put my info in. Worst of all support hasn't even emailed me back
  8. I tried to post a picture but it says it to large but everytime I hit checkout under the NDA it just says error occured
  9. I have continulsly made attempt to buy a pack today on multiple devices and browsers but everytime I try to checkout i get dualthegame.com said error occured. Please help I just want to but the pack and play on Thursday
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