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  1. I'd like to attend the Alioth Aerospace Expo

  2. 2nd one's letters are worse except M N W V Y S these imo are cooler looking.
  3. Oh boy space pirate ships could be a real thing with space grade wood ships.
  4. Hope to see more from you guys in the future would like to see Tortuga alive someday. That contest looks neat too.
  5. My name Isaias I am a pretty avid video gamer and I came across this game from a YouTube video where they discussed that space engineers is going to seemingly stop being developed. This unfortunate news was consolidated by having gotten introduced to this game. However this game is similar in some ways to space engineers I expect to have even more fun with its building. I am a very big fan of games with sandbox mechanics and to me this game seems to me like a god send. With all the different ways you can customize your build and terraform it seems to have near endless potential. That's not the only the appeal to me for this game for instance there could possibly be hundreds of people being able to play together it seems like a dream come true for someone like me that enjoys open world MMOS and large scale games. I have played in the past ark survival evolved and eve as well as other games where there can be dozens if not hundreds or more of players around a single area. I hope to experience that in this game too even if it wont be quite the same as the other games. This game also seems to have one of the features I have been searching for in many games and have been disappointed a proper terraforming and sandbox experience the freedom to manage land easily and sculpt the terrain is a tantalizing prospect. I am quite exited to see what I can be able to do in the near future and I hope to see you in the game. o7
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