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  1. Well, for all the people that dont know where to leave their dirt. Look me up in DU and feel free to donate. I am planning to make alot of bricks so any material you need to dump is appreciated. For other stuff you need to get rid of, feel free to contact me. Aaron
  2. Any post within a quarter is still valid in my view I do like the idea, but I think you could make it viable If you take the survival part out of it, change parasites with bio enhancements or cybernetic possibilities and it would work on a global scale. Also you can use parasitical forms to implement some fun stuff, like Dax in startrek stuff. Also, slaves will probably be not done in the curent political environment, but If you plase the aliens differently, or add domesticated animals that can do stuff to help. It is also different, robotic work force that you need to program yourself and provide with docking stations/ energy units.
  3. DU is clearly Not promoted as a survival game but Is promoted as a Human interactions game. So the chance on any npc form that will hurt a player is not intended. And from my point of view that is a good point, if you want a game where aliens attack you and you are infected by parasites, look further there are enough of those games
  4. Hope not. If i want to play a survival game, ill go somewhere else. The power of DU lies not in survival but in the grand setup and the relative easy acces for everyone, you can do whatever you want. Add a survival component and it will kill about 50% of the player base. anyone interested in creative building with no wories about food or alien plant life killing them will not enter. Any large fleet is semi doomed from the start, how to get enough food and water in a 8km ship that needs to travel for weeks on engines to the nearest planet for an entire legion. I think this will kill any strategy on general gameplay and make it all go about food and water. Might be more realistic, but then, when was the last time you saw a hoovercraft in the streets or a capital vessel in earth orbit. Sometimes it is good to skip realism for better gameplay. And in the end it would be best for us all if these planets are really full with people. Greetz Aaron
  5. There is alot to be excited about. For me the grand scale is one, the beauti that will be there generated by people for people. Backstories of characters, some good some evil some rotten to the core. Politics, or just No politics. Building bigger better, And always go for total amazing Wham. Epic space battles, and so much more. But time will tell. Aaron Live life die another day
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