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  1. Circles


    Welcome aboard.
  2. Good to see some big youtubers mentioning this game.
  3. Always good to have those who can keep it real, welcome.
  4. Circles


    Welcome Atterus. Nice build.
  5. Self Destruct Order 37 initiated, please exit the facility "10, 9, 8..." Orius' desperately tries to yell over the blaring sirens
  6. Hey Titan, fellow Sponsor here, Welcome. Let me know if you need a platform for some planning.
  7. It's more fun to break the mean kids toy. Welcome.
  8. If the player can be identified then we can easily search the community and find their most active organizations. Then take it up with their legates if they're acting alone or not. Only way around this would be to make a new character as a suicide griefer.
  9. Get some approval! Greetings.
  10. Welcome. Very much excited, I don't normally support pre-releases. But I wanted a platform for some creativity.
  11. Frankly I think victory in space should be that, emptiness and silence. Unless there was a pre-arranged party showing up to interject in a fight then theres no reason a re-spawn should get into orbit and have any particular advantage of having a fresh ship for "revenge".
  12. Simply having a territory wide radial scanner that identifies boundary breakers would be enough, not only could it display mini map like movement during the event, but afterwords it could log the event happening within territory space, this seems right up the ally of LUA so no new mechanics are necessarily required. They may already be in game.
  13. Lets start mapping out that adventure.
  14. Of course building and designing will be fun, but the real thrill will be from diplomacy with real players! Very interesting.
  15. Welcome Crowmeleon.
  16. Radial player scanners for large areas or parameters is a very good idea!
  17. Completely if you put it that way, then a player ID scan? Or just go not knowing who damaged your defenses?
  18. That's impressive work. What kind of ship is it?
  19. If a shield or territory gets attacked, damaged or even a scratch on its territory defenses it should inform the owner of the territory about the Organization associated with the attack. I was thinking it should show the user, but better off just making the organization responsible and if the user has no organization then just use the player ID.
  20. I must say you contradict yourself slightly by saying Yes to role playing, but No to a brief explanation of your roles in your application bio. Then again who wants to go around filling out applications. I would love to have you on board, I assure you micromanagement would only come in the form of tactical battle commands. You could also be in a position of influence yourself and have your own command orders. You'll need a platform for your work. I understand your desire to be unbound and self sufficient, I will offer you this with the best of my intention because I am after the same as well. Consider the type of direction you want to take in DU philosophically, and please feel free to contact me if our ideas spark interest. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/rose-lotus
  21. Great designer. Hello again!
  22. I would hope you could disable a starship without completely disintegrating it with overwhelming power. Each ship is going to be made out of mostly prime resources, really would be a waste to see it explode.
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