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  1. Iam realy happy with the current infos about the DAC system, i personaly dont want an Free to Play option with ingame Cash Shop. And with the ability to buy DAC´s ingame you can play "for Free" because someone bought the DAC from NQ to sell it in the Market and NQ got his Money. So it is fair for both sides. Free to Play with Cashshop options has killed so many Games, because of the risk becomming Pay to win or somthing close to.
  2. Hi there, i think this in the Pipeline but i havent read about it yet. I would lioe to see some decorative containers for Real estate purpose, so you dont have a 4x4 cube as a storage standing arround in your house. Somehing like a Locker or a Shelf where you can put Stuff in. And btw some some Round Windows and more voxel shapes would also be nice.
  3. I would love to see DAC´s more of a way of a Money Sink, like an NPC sells them ingame for Quanta so you get money of the Market, this way NQ has the ability to adjust the DAC Prices when the game progresses further. People arent able to use the IRL privilages to get ingamewealth. so everyone is equal ingame. Lootable or not? I think lootable is just fine, as you have the possibility to use the DAC right away after buying.
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