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  1. And that's why I said to still have a reasonable speed limit, but make it non-linearly realitive to thrust so a ship that has all thrusters can go just s tiny bit faster than a standard fighter. That way you have to design a ship for speed. Cargo ships and caps could then end up with a low speed limit Unless they're specifically designed to be a faster variant.
  2. But that's the thing, you're in a game. Just lower the speed of light for the sake of gameplay so you can have a simple non-linear acceleration system. It's always been really immersion-breaking to have a hard limit on speed even if you're literally one giant rocket...
  3. What about what I had suggested in my other thread about vector propulsion, having a non linear propulsion system so it feels more like you're hitting the drag from the few tiny particles in space, and so with enough thrusters you can make a ship that's just a little faster than others.
  4. I was thinking... What if the devs add sound blocks with programmable/sequenceable sound bytes so we could have people making live music... IN SPACE! Heck, you could even make sequences like you do scripts and sell them in-game. O.o
  5. What if they're planning to make it so it's like how hauling ships works in EVE, where each type or selected portion of items has to be made into the "packaged" version and physically placed in your ship? While that might a more obtrusive method, it would certainly provide some more interesting game mechanics.
  6. I still haven't seen this in any similar games. It's so much more realistic when you shoot off one of a fighter's engines and it goes spiraling out of control. Is this something that's practical for DU? Also since this is on the topic of propulsion, would it be possible to not have a hard speed limit, instead have a nonlinear system proportional to the amount of thrust you have, so it could be perceived like the drag you would experience from fine particles in space when you get to like half the speed of light in real life.
  7. I was just thinking it would be amazing if there was even just one type of weapon that's as powerful as the size to which you build it. It would make a great anti-capital defense for major settlements, so big factions might be forced into a ground assault.
  8. Are there forum threads on these empires/groups? Because some of them sound pretty interesting.
  9. I wonder if they're planning ahead and taking into consideration what the GTX1080 can do...
  10. PLEEEEASE, let these devs be first to bring me a gas giant in which I can make a neutrally buoyant station that looks like Cloud City... As long as they make gas giant's I don't care if I have to fly halfway across the galaxy to find one and then have to rich to start building in one. I'd still be the most amazing thing ever.
  11. What'd be REALLY cool, would be a chrome Arkship made into a pen and pen holder... Mind = Blown...
  12. Hello, I could have sworn a youtuber I follow mentioned this game earlier this year, but I guess I didn't really understand what he was describing. As soon as I saw that trailer, my jaw dropped and I nearly peed my pants in excitement. This is exactly what I keep looking for in these kinds of games, and finally some people are coming through on what I expect. Last year I got to be part of the bug testing for Empyrion before the release of the pre-alpha, and from getting to talk with those devs and listening to the dev videos of Space Engineers, this is basically what all those devs were imagining but haven't and probably won't for some time accomplish. The mechanics, the look, the feel, the combat, are all sounding to be superior in every way. I don't think I'll ever need another game like this if it turns out to be what they say. I can't wait to find some similarly minded people around and playfully speculate on the crazy possibilities this game "may" allow... BTW, I wonder if maybe some day they may implement some sort of advanced sound block that could allow you to modulate it in real time and play sequences of sound bytes, so then you could have in-game DJs...
  13. So, just found out about this, my mind just exploded...

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