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  1. If the mechanics of passive income is there, I take it! 


    Add that mining unit and I will be sleeping my way in this game!


    You wanna know what that 100k per account is? It is a government's financial assistance. It is one of those social programs! It is entitlement! Instead of subsidizing sh*t (subsidizing industries that create jobs), you go with the Latin American model of entitling the poor! You don't know how to run the economy! Give me 700K a day from 7 accounts (let's call it 6 children) and I ain't working my a*s! I ain't working at all! You're already paying my bills! NQ is turning this game into Latin America! (not to be racist or anything, I need to make a reference to a stupid government). They might as well call this game "Ayuda Universe" since they have no intention of removing this mechanics where everybody here is in government payroll lol! Just my suggestion! *sarcasm

  2. The rich do not need to work (in fact they do not work), regardless they are working or not (most probably they are not. why would they? it's not productive of their time!); the poor do need to work, regardless they are working now or unemployed (everyone has to eat).


    Rich do not work, the poor works!


    If you can take the passive income, you take the passive income! The problem in real-life is people do not know how to delegate the work, how to minimize the work, and how to leverage OPM (debt or whatever financing). A company has an asset. Asset is equity and liability (only a fool will use 100% equity). You have some liquidity to run the business (you better not run out of liquidity!). The business and it's asset will generate revenue (this will replenish--or increase your liquidity if your spending is a surplus). With income, you will make a payment on your debt, and over time, your liability and equity will separate (you are becoming richer!).


    Are you paying for the debt? If you are, then it's bad debt (just like your mortgage. you call that an investment when it's not an income-generating asset?); if the debt is paying for the debt, then it's good debt! That is called leveraging a debt!


    This opportunity is hard to make in real-life! Make this easily available in the game and I ain't working! I don't like to work! 

  3. Galvanized steel is steel that is galvanized or zinc-ed. Galvanization is a process of coating steel surface with zinc through hot-dipping to make it more resistant against rusting. You will use such steel type on conditions that require it. For example, a street sign: outside, it rains and that sign will eventually rust if it doesn't have such a coating. You coat the steel to increase it's service life, that's all. Galvanized steel is supposed to look like that unpainted.


    The only thing unrealistic is you still see the galvanization on colored galvanized steels in this game. I mean if you painted it, you wouldn't see the galvanization anymore but the paint on the surface. 

  4. Looking at the situation of this game, all you remaining hardcores can think about is "but... what about my stuff?"? It is like the world is at war, an ICBM is about to hit the city, and all you can think about is your gold in the safe? How about we all agree to a f***ing wipe (including the talent) since this game has been released in such a condition that it shouldn't have been released? Save the game, save yourself, not save your gold! This is the f***ing problem with you people: you are in an Indiana Jones movie, there is a cave full of gold that your team have discovered, the cave is about to collapse and you want to remain there until your death because you couldn't let go of the gold! Fix the f***ing game, wipe it, and let us all restart in an equal foot! This isn't f***ing Lord of the Rings man! You people have been consumed by the ring, succumbed by it's power! Get real with yourself man! You people are full of joke! Talk all you want OK, the f***ing game is about to go! 


    Look at this idiot! Despicable!


  5. 15 hours ago, blazemonger said:

    As I've said many times, I do believe in the potential and promise of DU but have my doubts whether NQ, under the then current leadership, would be able to deliver on that.

    Lol, the VC will manage this startup instead? They are investors and they invest on the ability of the entrepreneurs (the founders) to grow the startup. Now that these entrepreneurs resigned, what could it mean? I've read this many times, it's the same situation. I said this before: they won't receive a round B in this kind of condition, it will be a deficit for them.


    I'll be seeing you in Starbase! 😁 'Till then!

  6. When a startup company's co-founders (the entrepreneurs) have resigned, what could it mean? They already concluded and came to the agreement that this is a failed startup and is about to go on liquidation of assets and end of service. This new chairman will be tasked of this liquidation and return as much as it can possibly return to the investors (LPs) from this loss. Since this is a failed startup, they didn't made it to a successful exit via IPO or acquisition. What they are going to do instead is close this business, minimize their financial loss by liquidating whatever they can liquidate (selling the tech, etc.), and settle what they have to settle (if they have something to settle financially like personal debt and/or limited liable debt).


    VC is a firm that get's paid to manage the portfolio of it's LPs (the investors). VC has a diversified high-risk investments. Most of these investments are expected to fail like what happened to NQ but they get it back from the high returns of successful ones. This is about the overall portfolio performance. VC makes a lot of money even from bad performance as they are not the investors (the loss is to the LPs).

  7. 5 hours ago, Shaman said:

    VC would be nice

    You people are so old lol!

    VC is not good enough man. it is not "redundant", to put it in my words.


    Analogy: electrification of aircraft

    You want "high-tech", as in fly-by-wire control and fully electronic instruments. The aircraft had a power outage. There you go, critical systems do not work! This is why electrification does not work as you'd like to propose. It is not as redundant as mechanical which will work even without power. In regulation, it is "safer". Some people even proposed an electrical propulsion. Are you serious?


    Redundancy, alright! Keyboard! 

    Also, crowded voices is more "chaotic" than crowded text messages that is widely distributed all over the screen (that is about the same as looking at job ads in a newspaper, which is not bad). Go with what is proven! If you are gonna innovate, innovate for the better! Voice chat is a Nintendo Wii kind-of innovation! It's more work for the rest of us man!


    If we have to do our trading with voice like a Ming Dynasty overseas trader, I will not be playing this game. It is too much work! How about we lay back and just type what we have to say?

  8. 1 hour ago, Atmosph3rik said:

    But we really just need a simple chat system that works at least as well as MMOs from the 90's

    We need a chat system that everyone can use! What if you don't have a headset + mic, or--in the case of myself--you simply don't like to use them because it makes you sound like megatron? Go with the system that is the most accessible if we are speaking about tools!


    You see, I'm giving you an AK103 --a redundant gun that has a muzzle brake!--to fight in the jungle, and you want what? An M16/M4 that has a feeding problem if it's not clean? An M16/M4 that is mechanically more complex? An M16/M4 that burns into pieces after a few mags in full-auto? You see, this is how you think about high-tech! Gears also have to be redundant!


    We need a gun that will fire even if I plunge it on the mud! We don't need a high-tech gun that will only conditionally work!

  9. Voice chat will make this game more niche, plus it is technically harder to implement. Everyone has a keyboard and uses a keyboard compare to a headset + mic. In other words, it is more accessible and convenient, so it is more redundant than a voice chat. 


    Why not a local chat system like this one and make it ping a sound whenever new messages pops-out for improved notification? : 



    I am just gonna rant here, OK. As a non-boomer, you people are so jaded! I just don't understand your generation, OK. How about we make the game more convenient? What is wrong with that? I mean look at the voxelmancy. You wanna know why Landmark was scrapped? It is not fun and accessible to significant amount of people, hence it is not a viable product. It is so niche! We have a problem here in Dual Universe in terms of accessibility! The game is not even playable man! How about we work on making it so? The game is bloody niche! It is just like Landmark! 


    And you guys are proposing voice chat? Oh wow! Talk about niche!

  10. On 3/10/2021 at 7:11 PM, Fra119 said:

    And this, my friend, is the reason why I play solo xD

    I've soloed this game since the very beginning! As I said before, this is nothing but a communist game! How can you join an org if nobody here has a system that is equitable to the individual members? Orgs exist to benefit the members, not to benefit the org (which does not physically exists), all in the end, only benefitting the people who holds power and control within that org. You know, I am not stupid!


    I will stand by my statement as I've been saying before: organizations in this game are pieces of garbage!


    Let's think of a simple example:

    3 people decide to start a business; to start a business, you need an infrastructure (this infrastructure costed $300K total in which each person put $100K each, which means each person put 33.33%); the total operating cost to the business let's say is $120k yearly; person A puts the 60K (50%), person B puts 40K (33.33%), person C puts $20K (16.67%) to cover all the yearly expenses (this includes labour); let's say the net income of the business is $60k at the end of the fiscal period after the tax (if there is tax). 


    Person A should get 50% of that income which is $30,000.

    Person B should get 33.33% of that income which is $19,998.

    Person C should get 16.67% of that income which is $10,002.


    Let's say they decide to quit and liquidate the property. Let's say the property is now worth $250K currently. Since each person put 33.33%, they each should get $83,325.


    The finance in this business has to be accounted to avoid internal corruption. Financial stakes should be distributed properly and how can you do this if you don't have any accounting? We are all working together, we are all contributors to the organization, but at the end of the day, we want what is fair for us individual members! What rightfully belongs to me, belongs to me!


    This is why we even need contract on top of the accounting to assert my rights. Since we got no justice system, a non-legally binding MOU will do, stating my share in the organization (I will not even invest without going through an MOU first). If they decide to cheat me, I will call them out in the public with my documents. Do something like that and you should lose reputation. Reputation is important to anything mutual such as business.


    I'm not saying not to join an org, but you should join an org with the mindset that you are an individual. What ends up happening is people join these "hacienda" orgs as slave labourers to these "hacendados". This is what Dual Universe is: it is a neo-colonial hacienda-building telenovela!

  11. Well, after the failure of Revelation Online, I had to look for another next-big-thing. Bless Online wasn't that thing as it is far worse than RO. This is when kickstarter MMOs are emerging; promising more innovation, traditional system, quality-orientation, and equitable gameplay than what the AAA's have given us in the past and are willing to give us. If the AAA's are not willing to give us what we want, then it is time for me to stop doing business with them, and help fund the MMO that most resemble what I'm looking for. This is when I turned to Kickstarter; which none have yet to turn successful; in conclusion, it doesn't have the ability to save the genre.


    3 hours ago, aliensalmon said:

    I've also played my fair share of MMOs (although I tend to prefer eastern MMOs like MapleStory over Western ones such as World of Warcraft)

    As an ethnic Asian, I prefer Eastern MMOs as well mainly due to the aesthetics, OSTs/BGMs, and demography of the community. It feels more relatable to me and I find it more appealing.


    My favorite MMOs are:

    1. Final Fantasy XI (level 75 cap, no trust system) 
    2. Ragnarok Online (classic, pre-trans, 99/50)
    3. Maplestory (pre-BB, only adventurer class with pirates)
    4. Trickster Online (official)


  12. The game already permanently released and the tutorial don't even work to this day! You wanna know the reason why I propose a wipe? This game is just not ready on this condition to be released permanently! The gameplay has already been severely spoiled and there is not a single intention in the future to wipe! This is the reason why most people will not choose to get into this game once the game has been further developed and this is the reason why most of us have already left and unlikely to return. Even if you are able to substantially improve the game in the future, the gameplay will remain spoiled, and that is the reason people don't want any involvement!


    The game--as it is right now, and as it will remain in the future--is oligarchic! The system is so broken that NQ has to make radical changes to the game that affects the gameplay and it is so broken that it is exploited before it is fixed, and nothing in the future will be wiped and things will be kept the way it is consequently! 


    I should have died 10,000 years ago along with that Earth if the future is nothing but cruel!

  13. This game received about 18M of venture capital funds from Azom and Andurance. Their LPs provided that money and they expect 10x the ROI in 5 years. This is the problem with VC financing: they need and expect a lot of return! This means the GPs (Azom and Andurance) has to pay their LPs 180M for their 18M of investment in 5 years to have convinced them to invest. VC is a high risk investment and this is a startup that is innovating. High risk, high return.


    How do VCs make money? From management fees and carries. NQ has to pay them 2.5% of 18M every year throughout the life cycle--which is half a million euros every year--for the management fee. Whatever profit NQ makes, a quarter of that goes to the VC, the VC then have to pay their LPs 80% of that quarter. This is the bill NQ has to pay to the VCs. The VC can also sell their equity and make money from the capital gains as last resort to make the ROI.


    I read somewhere that Lost Ark made $200M in a year or something like that?  Games like that and BDO are profitable but look at how they are monetized. NQ is not gonna receive any more funding from the VCs unless NQ can convince them with the profit.


    Reality is 18M here is VC funded. 

  14. 11 hours ago, blazemonger said:

    they will need more time than 9 months to do so, but it's there.

    If the game doesn't make it to release quality after that period, they will just release it as it is. They already said it in the interview. And prior to this Beta, they also stated in their interview that they will stick to the schedule and it is one of their commitment to us. According to the roadmap, this Beta 1 was scheduled for Summer 2020 and they released it at the end of Summer 2020--on Early Access!


    My problem is not how long or how much time they need to develop this game to meet quality standards; my problem is they are releasing it like this: incomplete, broken, and with no more wipe! You traded the quality for the schedule!


    This quality is at early stage of development and when we tested it--as we are doing right now--, a lot of design and technical problems are starting to present themselves, not only that, a lot of fundamental contents are yet to be introduced. This is the time for more testing, correction, and development of new contents in which ofcourse need to be tested and corrected, before you release it with no more wipe! What they are doing is building and correcting on a broken game that they will not wipe. The point of the wipe is to keep the gameplay clean! What is a past system is still part of the gameplay because the past has influence in the present and the future! If the game already released, it already released! How the f*** can you fix it at this point? By building on top of the mess, hoping the mess will somehow disappear? 


    That is my problem, not the failure to meet a deadline! Believe me, they will release it as it is because the deadline is their "commitment".

  15. 2 hours ago, Moosegun said:

    how about we all just focus on the positives and the potential for at least one more patch!  I am really enjoying the game again, I see some light at the end of the tunnel and I hope GOD DAMN IT, it is not a train.......

    It is not about positivity or negativity (which is a personal outlook) but perceiving the reality. We may be negative on our comments but that is reflective of the current situation. 


    There is a difference between the end of a bore and an approaching train. You can tell the difference by looking at the wall. If the light is moving then that is a train. How about we be realistic than be faithful? It is a train man! You can tell the difference! The saying "there is always light at the end of a tunnel" tells you to always be positive regardless of any facts that is known and may become known. That is faith man, that is not realism! I'd rather be negative knowing things are going in the negative direction than be oblivious of the facts! 


    Consider what is happening! 

  16. On 1/28/2021 at 3:11 PM, blazemonger said:

    Let's be fair, DU is mostly a building game, at least currently.. besides maybe being a mining simulator

    If this is just a building game, we would not be here because this is not one of the best building game. The creative design for this game and how they advertised this to us is this is a single-shard, building, economic, PVP, player-driven game, something that has never been done before, something we have been dreaming about but no company have taken the risk of undertaking. We are here for the package! This cannot survive as a building game alone!


    How is it that this is a single-shard but the game doesn't feel social at all in-game? How come the economy of the game is so broken that it just fails to immerse? 


    It fails so bad on the package that other MMOs are a lot better than this because they have more to offer! 


    This game has a lot of potential, even Revelation Online has a lot of potential, even BDO has a lot of potential, even Bless Online has a lot of potential, but look what happened to those games? It's not about the f*cking potential, OK?! If things will not go in the right direction, it doesn't matter! 

  17. People who don't want any wipe only want to physically retain what they already built and to continue building on top of that. They are only concern about the building aspect of the game. If that is all they're after, I tell you that this is not one of the best building game. The reason why we are all playing this game is because of the overall package, not just for the building, in which this is not one of the best option. If NQ wants to protect the gameplay of this game, not just the building gameplay, then how about we think about a wipe?


    If none of the sh*t works but just the building, there are a lot of better building game than this! Why play this one in particular if it isn't for the package?


    That is my argument that I'd like to add. Concern yourself about the building? This game is about to die! 

  18. 20 minutes ago, blazemonger said:

    The problem is, since NQ does not care, why should we? They do not care if the game gets damaged from their mistakes, they certainly do not care if anyone benefits from it to the effect of billions of quanta.

    And that is why a wipe is needed to undo the damage done to the game after the game has been developed to a playable quality. The problem is they will not wipe because they cannot do so without hurting their reputation. They already released the game as "early access" with a paid subscription, not a paid crowdfunded development test. So, they cannot wipe. It would be dishonorable.   


    They placed themselves in this situation or perhaps they have already ran out of money to have ended up in this situation? 


    If they can't wipe, and if they can't wipe the talent--as it is obsolete and bugged--then there is nothing else I can do but move on. 


    The game has a lot of potential and it still do, but it means nothing if they will not materialize, and it seems that it cannot! 

  19. 5 hours ago, blazemonger said:

    "head in sand and it will go away"

    This has been their plan all along! They will slowly develop this game by creating more contents and systems, by balancing the game, by fixing the bugs, by optimizing it, to bring the game to a playable state in the future and they hope and think that the game will somehow move forward from there, that the community will grow and current players will still be playing, when this game get to this state. 


    By the time you fixed this game, the game will be dead! 

    The problem is, it should have not been released at this current state! It has just been too early for it to have been released!


    How can we as players already be developing contents on this player-driven game if the game's contents and systems are incomplete and inadequate to support it? Finish those first before we start building contents for this game permanently! This is why I support a wipe after they brought this game to a playable state with a talent wipe because it is currently broken (outdated) and the broken and incomplete state of the game--as it is currently--influence what talents we prioritize.


    You people think the problem with the game is the lack of player-built contents? The problem is the incomplete and broken contents and systems, the fundamentals! Complete those and then we can start building permanently and fair to all players! It is a fundamental problem! 


    People here actually think that the game will move forward after they have fixed this game, not wiping it and leaving it as it is. This is their wishful-thinking! They will continue to build, they will continue to sink their time, staying reluctant to any future wipe, hoping that the game that they no-life'd and continue to no-life will revitalize to a healthy population required to support this game for the long-term. I'd say wiping the game in the future, when they actually have fixed this game to a playable state with the fundamentals, is what is needed to sustain it! 


    This is about the population which is the requirement to sustain this game! By not wiping it, you will only lose people regardless you managed to fix the game in the future or not! 


    Stop sweeping the dirt onto the bottom of the carpet! You know, magic is just a trick. It is still there! 

  20. Here are number of things that turns me off about this game which are reasons why I want to play the game less:


    1.) the build mode editor can produce extensive results but through means of voxelmancy. With how voxels behave, it is just painful to build as you will get a lot of unexpected results and commonly are permanent even if you undo the action/s--these are painful to fix/redo. And since you will voxelmance everything which is very time-consuming, it is wise that you build your own voxel library to save your reusable shapes which you spend a lot of time creating for the purpose of reusability and saving time in your future projects. The idea of having to go through voxelmancy and building your own voxel library and the time and effort that it takes, for you to access this extensiveness, is ridiculous. Let me give you a simile: instead of giving us a word editor and give us the option to choose different fonts to make our writing unique and personalized, you gave us a touch screen and a Wacom pen--now you gave us a more extensive way of styling our writing but at the cost of what? You want me to draw the fonts? You want me to use a grid and ruler to proportion my fonts? If this is the build editor we have in this game, I don't wanna play it. You must eliminate voxelmancy through having a more intuitive, flexible, and productive build mode editor. I don't want to go through voxelmancy and I don't want to build voxel libraries! 


    2.) you are giving away 100K (I heard it's now 150K?) quanta per account daily. As someone who is interested in the economic aspect of this game, this system is a joke! You are giving away free equity and everyday indefinitely! What kind of incentive is this for us to produce? What kind of incentive is this when you are devaluating liquidity which devaluates resources (things that you can buy with the free money).


    3.) NQ wants this game to be group-based and the way it turned out is it's just like in Eve. You want to know why I was soloing the game? Every single organization in this game is a communist organization because the RDMS, organization system, and the mentality of the players are communists in nature. If you are gonna force me to communism, I'd rather not play this game! This is a communist game! You want to design a civilization-building MMO and you copied Eve which is communist by design? Do you know what a corporation is? It is a legal entity of it's own. Why would you prefer a corporation over a sole-proprietorship and partnership as an investor? So you cannot be liable, instead the corporation is liable (it is a way to protect you and your partners as individuals). You exist, a corporation does not exists physically. I don't care about dying and giving all I've got to a company like how a bee does to it's colony, all I care about is my stake in the company (you want to see the company succeed and you contribute because you are a stakeholder, that is all that there is to it, it is not loyalty and devotion). At the end of the day, we are all individuals with our own needs and wants. Stop thinking about organizations like they exists physically and it is something to die for! I'd rather not play this game if this is the system we have! 


    4.) terraforming in this game is very tedious. When you are building a static construct, there are 2 ways to do it: you stilt it, or you flatten the ground where you're construct will sit on. You will have to terraform most likely when you want to build a static construct. It is very tedious to develop the bloody land(tile)! Not only it is ridiculously hard and time-consuming to build in this game, it is also ridiculously hard and time-consuming to terraform. What is this game?! 


    5.) the talent(skill) system is a turn off! Why did we went with this kind of design?! It is unique, and at the same time, it sucks! The idea that it is time-based and you get the most points by training your talents in queue or you lose points and having to set them up is a responsibility (it is like taking care of a pet). Make this a seamless game and make us acquire points through engagement! Don't make this like a Tamagotchi where we have to monitor and maintain our talents, it is a responsibility! 


    6.) Aerodynamics and flight is ridiculously hard in this game! You know, I have a better chance of designing an M1-size manned fixed-wing aircraft that is airworthy and works as intended in real-life than to design something in this game that works! I do the mechanical maintenance of m2 airline planes, my colleagues are pilots, I am telling you, we can't get a dynamic construct to work in this game! In the first place, I don't know how the game works because of the lack of information. 


    7.) You have finite raw resources in this game which means that if you are not mining, other people are mining from the limited reserve the universe have. This is a mining simulator! You see, it forces you to think about mining when you don't want to mine! Get that out of our head and make the resources renewable! 


    8.) We have too many honeycombs in this game! Too many that it is not good! Look at their application? They are all applicable for everything which means they are just variety of textures! Make this less of a clutter! 

  21. And this is why I quit the game! From mechanical perspective, something is designed how it is to serve a purpose, they are not there to make something look exotic unless that is the end purpose. Now what is the point of housing something if they serve no purpose? In this game, you will do with just a floor and if you run out of horizontal space, make more floors on top of it. What is the point of making columns for these floors if they provide no support and you can do without them in this game? Instead they only serve as obstructions! 


    This game lacks mechanical mechanics for you to include mechanical designs in this game to serve no purpose but an obstruction in the end. So what are we designing for? Yes, it is all for the looks! What is worse is you have to go through voxelmancy to achieve non-basic shapes for the purpose of looks! 


    This is a beauty contest game and a mining simulator! 


    My job in real-life is to maintain planes. Every plane model (fixed-wing and rotary wing) has a type certificate. a type certificate tells you the specification of the plane. My job is to maintain these planes in accordance with the maintenance manual and type certificate and perform compulsory ADs/SBs. My job is not to design these planes, my job is to know how they work so I know the purpose of their components and design. The game is not like this, there is nothing mechanical in this game! People are putting static wicks on their planes like they dissipate shocks lol! They dissipate nothing so why would you put them? For the looks man!


    Everything here has been great while it lasted, alright! I'm moving to Starbase, atleast you got mechanical mechanics there. When you design something, they gonna serve a purpose, otherwise it is a beauty contest.

  22. 14 hours ago, blazemonger said:

    I'm all for a wipe with regular blueprints, schematics and talent points retained. The "magic blueprints" are  a bad plan to begin with IMO as it would not repair the damage that caused the current situation to begin with.. 



    The economy in game is broken because NQ has permitted and continues to allow several big orgs and players to benefit off of oversight, mistakes, bugs and exploits which were apparent a day after the full wipe prior to the beta start. They have continued this throughout beta so far. The economy not starting is not because of "isolationist and self sufficient" solo and small group players but due to big orgs who have no need to feed or use the economy in game at all as they are entirely able to tend to their own. And the mission system coming in three months will not change any of that as they will use it only to cater to their own members exclusively and spread the wealth internally.


    IMO industry was wat kept most solo and small group players interested in the game as it was the only real gameplay there is. Now Industry is reset to where it should go/be according to NQ, but there is nothing in the game to fill the hole that this change left and the mission system will not do anything to resolve that either and as said, I believe that the creative instance will just make most players only interested in building and design away from the live game to live in the instanced creative sandbox.



    And yes, going by the steady decline of exposure for DU on Twitch, with pretty much a handful or less of streamers holding on for now, and no signs of NQ having any plans to actually start promoting the game otherwise one has to wonder where the next wave of subscribers will come from. NQ is going to have guest streamers on their twitch channel but I can't see streamers who draw in low double digits viewers on their own channel make a difference besides turning people off from tuning in when the channel goes live. From what I understand streamers who can actually be entertaining to view have not even been invited and several have already dropped the game from their schedule following 0.23 ...


    Twitch viewers for DU, the last Q&A did not even register as a spike because the audience was fragmented across several sites, creating the impression (for each) that viewer count was low where total number may have been reasonable. No idea why they choose to stream this across platforms.






    Frankly.. A wipe as mentioned above at this time (especially when it brings in the new planet tech as well) can only yield a positive result as the existing situation is pretty much rock bottom anyway.

    I've taken a long break from the game and I'm still not returning because I'm still not motivated to play. This account is a Ruby Backer and even with a lifetime sub, I haven't logged on for 2 months now because this is about my time, not the money.  I'm not sure if I will ever come back to DU given the current state of this game and the chance of them actually turning this thing around. My English is not that good, I would say that it is fair but not at your level. I agree with the points of this Blazemonger. If I can elaborate what I think without difficulty with the language, it be this! I support these points based on the presented reasons -- they are more reasonable. 


    What I would like to add is while they announced that August 27th will be the Early Access of this game, this game even right now, is not close to an Early Access quality. If they keep our progress as it is and let the exploiters benefit from this vacuum, it will really be Early Access. Things were so easy to acquire early on and now it is becoming harder as they radically change the game as part of balancing without a wipe to follow at some time later, now tell me if this will not have any significant impact on the economy? it will! Have you heard of oligarchic system? This will be DU if you insists on wiping. My point: what would you people prefer? Keep the game as it is, I mean you can justify not wiping it because they announced the Early Access--an "Early Access" is supposed to be permanent after all--, and do what is best for yourself, or do what is best for the game and for all of us including the future potential players, go back on your word and wipe the game after it's actually ready for Early Access (which right now it is not). The game is not ready for Early Access, that is the point! 


    What would be best for the game is to move the Early Access later, if you don't, then you are accepting the quality of this game as permanent right now and your progress as permanent right now on a game that is changing radically as part of it's balancing and development process. The game right now is screwed and you want it to be permanent? A lot of people have already left and it's very unlikely that I will come back. You want this game, at the state that it currently is right now, to be permanent? Fine, keep it permanent! Let's see how many of you would lasts! 

  23. This is my vision for the game:

    This is the map of the world during 1000 BCE. Everything in blue are states and everything else are stateless. There were only 3 states during this period: Egypt, Rome, correct me if I'm wrong, I am not European nor North African, and Zhou Dynasty. My point: it's proven in history that a community can exists without a state. I am a libertarian ok! What I propose is possible yet it is impossible in this game! Everything that I saw in this game are solo players and communist orgs, that's it! You want to know the definition of communism? It is a command (centralized) organization which every single organization in this game is! So tell me if I will ever join an org? No one in this game have a system of a republic, no one in this game have a system of a private company. 


    We can't even solo the game and live in a non-communist community! You don't need a state to have a community, you need an area, that's it. Within this area, community and culture develops. Traders from this community will ship their goods to other communities to trade and other foreign traders will come to this community to do the same thing. A junk ship is used to do that! There is a network of trade like Silk Road, and with this, there is not only interchanges of goods but cultural influences as well, and migration.


    It's not possible in this game man! The communism and lack of community outside communism man!


    And the 100k daily Quanta per account which is a source of free equity everyday? Oh my god, what kind of system is this? It's no good man!  


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