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  1. This is quite a bit of a necro, but- I don't think orbiting structures would require enough calculation to consume processing power. I'm new to DU so haven't gotten a chance to experience orbiting but if the structure is already locked to orbit around a body then all you would really need is to add the bodies transition vector to the structures vector. I feel like it would be very simple to apply if the bodies are on "rails" like in KSP.
  2. discordauth:_Xf1s0g_yH0ZEGJmcyixLMjEmR9gGDd8JI1h8JrF8ZY=

  3. What's the point? It wont be enough anyway. Can never have enough bacon in one go, safe thing is to spread it out. One does not need safety when on bacon, problems will go around you so as to not get hurt themselves.
  4. Hmmm... I'm not entirely convinced... I'm feeling a "sexy singles in your area" or "you're the 1 millionth visitor" ad brewing here. But all manners of intelligent life are welcome here.
  5. That's exactly what a bot would want us to think. ?
  6. Hello hello! Valid point, a lot of these games I'm thinking of had pretty shallow dreams, they wanted to jam pack features but with no real good way of interconnecting them to create a fun and/or interesting environment, just more of proofs of concept and collections of prototypes. EVE was great while I played it, though not for too long, but it left me wanting so much more. DU seems to cater to many different play styles and depths of control over the world. Right on! I'm from Concord (Vaughan). It's virtually "walking distance" ?
  7. Hello everyone! Alex here hailing from Toronto, Ontario. I am very much impressed with this ambitious project and surprised that it is still around after all this time, seeing how many ambitious game ideas have fallen through after receiving support from the public. I hope to enjoy and contribute to this community for the next long while and can't wait what the future brings! Great job so far Novaquark, I truly wish you success!
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