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  1. I believe this topic has been debated enough.....they are not building an external port for your BPs or an offline construction program....or similar...anytime soon. If they decide to it will be later on maybe towards release or after. Whilst the idea might appeal to some....the game is about experiencing this together in a single shard universe....you get all the ups and downs of success or failure together.....key word together. The wait whilst frustrating sometimes is just a fact of life. The game has potential for lots of other little goodies for us, but that is for later. Consideration is not hard fact. The main part is the core. If the core is not solid and the server tech is lacking because the focused on as someone put it "pandering to us ?" . So let the Dev focus on the main parts, before people start to throw the things they want to see in this game, because another game had it. Not saying its not useful to grab ideas....just not at this part in the games timeline....otherwise they would have don't it already.

  2. Badger-Spacing-guild.png.3cf64983ff53718293db2707f80695cd.png


    The Spacing Guild

    We have a saying which we found very suitable: Growth + Profit = GROFIT


    The GROFIT must flow....Do you enjoy GROFIT?

    Calling all the shiny object, resource hoarding, merchants who like prospecting to carve out a wealthy pieces of real estate out of DU for yourself. Come be apart of the Spacing Guild.
    We as an Organization specialize in the Mining, trading and exploration are the main focus, where making money is just a given.

    Must have some interest in one or more of the following roles:

    • Mining,
    • Trading,
    • Resource surveying,
    • Exploration, or
    • Construction.
    • Protection is assisted with by other organizations we have agreements with, however, nothing prevents us from blowing shit up as well...gotta protect the assets and members.


    Whilst there is are no hard fast rules that say "you must do this" and "you must do that" within the guild, those that wish to do more get more.

    Come on over and see a bit more about our Organization.


    PS: those that wish to shoot shit are also very welcome.....as we expect that you will have a lot to shoot the more the game ramps up :-)




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