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  1. I like those ships but weren't most of them not really ment for combat and mostly used as transports? I think a lot of people want to build combat type capital ships as they have really large guns and are able to do a lot but they also will probably cost a lot to build
  2. try a PNG you could also try resizing it to a larger size but I think a 500 error is normally an internal server error
  3. I wouldn't mind a large mining nanoformer however I would also like very large machinery that can just take material and refine ore and other such things out of it quickly in extreme quantities so that your not just sitting around waiting for something to finish refining or extracting or need like 500 of them to do something quickly but they all work in small amounts
  4. You should join the discord server (community site there is a link) as we were talking about ship sizes a few days ago and such. Also I'm a bit late with a lot of these but welcome to SilverLight Industries KineticPhantom SirZombie DiscoDude Robert FireDemon Neminemlaede FriendlyTyrant03 Waether SacredLegionary Shadow_of_Mist ThorWotansen Anasasi
  5. it sounds perfect just have one guy jumping up and down with a jetpack building it all the way to space while other people work on building the ships and such to supply him with the parts to keep going
  6. Oh hey its my thread Like I said if its vulnerable turn it into a military type fortress so its not worth attacking and attack any flying craft that come within a certan distance of it
  7. I suppose I should actually state what I think. Ships will for the most part be used in space and land based miners on the planet for the most part. There will be some ships designed to mine out huge amounts of a planet but these will most likely only come in if the planet is designated to be profitable if its done. I would really like to see planet crackers and just huge chunks of a planet get ripped out and pulled to space and mined up there with all the rock being discarded and the ore being processed possibly with a small work camp on the surface to help rip the chunks out of the planet and up to space
  8. we have hover and rocket science . . . WE WILL MAKE IT WORk
  9. nope even those only effect ship systems they also have other types like their heavy cannons and turbolasers
  10. Probably that or we manage to kill them all off before that though with space being space I would doubt that
  11. I like the idea but I'm not sure how possible it is as it seems like there would be a lot of voxle manipulation though if it can be done with an algorithm and can be done quickly I don't really see a problem with it.
  12. I like the internal one because it allows for a little bit of protection from attacks and its easy to mount things on the outside like small drone hangers or guns to stop people from attacking or at least hold them off until better armed forces can arrive.
  13. They made them and then the sig is an image that is also a link
  14. I was talking more of a very large tube that holds all the trains and tracks and each of those can have a train so you could look out the window and see like 3 or more other trains moving up and down as well but again it depends on how things work in game
  15. This is probably true but it should also go out of view and have LODs along itself so it should not overly affect performance and if it does we can bug the devs and give possible ideas on how to fix it
  16. NQ has said they plan to have hinges and pistons (as i recall) and that they are custom coding that part of the physics so that it plays nice and isn't to much of a load. The load problem also seems to be the reason we won't be getting wheels and SE is buggy as all hell (still play it a lot though). They wouldn't need milions of servers but anytime there is as many players as they want even if things are limited there is bound to be some problems. Scripting as long as its done in a way that allow won't limit people at all they just might need to find small work arounds (like they do in SE)
  17. but anyways I feel it will be mostly up to the people who live on the planet and who controls the most of the planet itself
  18. You don't need wheels just a way fo make things go on a set path (think the hover trains in star wars) hopfully using the antigrav tech
  19. you can do that with an event system. well most of what you said it would just be on something like a detect event
  20. already planned for the game Sofloan and a number of orgs already have whole sections planned to be dedicated to that one aspect
  21. The easiest way in game (and irl to be honest) would make it more like a train that goes to space instead of an actual elevator. most scifi elevators also use a similar concept instead of how a traditonal elevator works
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