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  1. there are always restarts in Alphas and betas, they are needed due to changes, some of which could be huge. also it wouldnt be fair on players who did not get alpha or beta access to join the universe and the testers are already geared up and own land etc so i would assume a fresh start on release as well.
  2. i went other, didnt see multiple biome's. i think planets should have a variety of biome's on them. not loads but look at earth, we have more then one so in game planets should be the same unless in a solar position which makes it barren etc
  3. turn around a get the hell out of there sharpish lol.
  4. as from the news letter today there is "another wave of invites going out Soon" so i assume Alpha access is being done in waves which would make sense and other games have also done this before. this allows them to slowly ramp up the people on the server's we will get in soon i hope. i am also a gold member and cnt wait to test this amazing looking game.
  5. awesome, missed the kickstarter as i was skint and hadent sold any of my cars yet but should be good now so cant wait to delve in and see. great work guys
  6. im glad this is coming, was skint when the kickstarter was going on bt have a little spare cash now. well i think i do lol. fingers crossed i can get into this and support it this way. looking amazing so far, keep up the amazing work and cracking ideas
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