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  1. Doesn't have to be a "pirate gang" - anyone relentlessly attacking the same group of players simply to cause them grief is inherently griefing. Devs step in when other players grief other players. Not all devs/games agree on the specifics of what constitutes griefing and what is fair play. Some games allow corpse camping as fair play, other games consider corpse camping to be griefing and will penalize corpse campers. In DU, it's not particularly easy to relentlessly attack the same convoy again and again due to the mechanics of safe zones and respawning at resurrection nodes. Based on the implementation of safe zones and the mechanics of resurrection nodes - I expect the devs will step in if they determine that people are harassing other players simply to piss them off.
  2. Griefing is harassment and does call for devs to get involved. Bounties do not inherently equal griefing. I don't get griefed in real life. Laws prevent that for the most part. Pain and jail and permadeath, etc... work as deterrents that tend to be absent from games. But, I would move from an area in which I could be repeatedly griefed. Yes. Who, in their right mind, plays at a park with a sandbox where you have to pay people to stop them from destroying your sandcastle?
  3. Putting bounties on people just to piss people off when they are lost -which is what Twerkmotor wrote- is griefing. Sandbox is irrelevant. Griefing is harassment just for the sake of harassment. What you may mean to say is that bounties != griefing. In my experience, players are greedy. I don't pay players. I certainly don't pay players "extra" money. I expect, if I needed fuel desperately needed fuel, I would purchase fuel from the shop. Or I would wait for a friend to help. Or I would wait for an alt to help. How much money I can make in-game per hour is irrelevant. Dual Universe is not a race - training faster is irrelevant..especially when the alternative is supporting extortion. I will never change my playstyle to support extortion. I simply wouldn't play DU if push came to shove. Any choice is better than supporting extortion. I don't have to have the best implants - as I said, my main in WoW only had starting rags. Unique appearance is more important than uber armor. Yes. I would forfeit the game in its entirety if the game allows players to be dicks. Just as I do with Eve and Elite Dangerous.
  4. If players put bounties on me to attack my expensive implants, I simply wouldn't wear expensive implants. My main character in WoW only wore starting rags. The only armor she was allowed to use was jewelry. What's silly is supporting players who want to grief people in the manner you suggest. People can ask for ransoms all they want. I won't pay them.
  5. 1: We'll have to see how crucial the implants are. 2: Pirate is a loose term in DU - there really is no "pirate code". Players can try to make ransom part of the emergent activities, but I would never support it. Dunno how many other players will be stupid enough or lazy enough to support it. All kinds of ways to subvert ransoms: not wearing implants or only wearing easily replaceable implants is one strategy. Your example of the ship captain just seems silly to me, but that's because I would refuse the ransom at all costs. If I'm the captain, I would just let the other player kill me if there was no way to escape. Or I would suicide if that would prevent the other player from looting my corpse. Doesn't matter what I lose as long as the other player isn't rewarded for ransom attempts. And if it's that easy to succumb to ransoms while recouping lost implants is too tedious, then I won't play DU, just like I don't play Eve.
  6. "Mean words" as harassment in a game is a silly concept when you can ignore text - especially when you can place other players on an ignore list. Spawn camping is harassment as it impedes the gameplay of other players - especially when players are being physically bullied by more experienced players. Whether spawn-camping is supported depends upon the specific game. I doubt that spawn camping will be supported in DU... but that will most likely be a function of game mechanics since we can set our resurrection nodes in safe zones. The power of a resurrection node is depleted once used, so we won't really be continuously respawning at the same resurrection node in a manner that will allow spawn camping. We respawn at the nearest active resurrection node. So, someone would have to know where all of their target's r-nodes are and somehow have people stationed there. Assuming that the nodes are powered. Otherwise, the target will respawn at the Ark, if the other r-nodes aren't powered.
  7. I don't care how expensive regaining inventory is - I would happily spend days regathering inventory or quit the game before paying a ransom to another player. There is nothing in a game worth supporting the concept of ransom to another player. Nothing. In mass battles, I would employ stealth and evasive maneuvers - I would strive to bypass attrition tactics. Suicide to return to a home sector all depends on the specific situation and whether someone would rather spend the time waiting to reactivate the jump gate or spend the time re-gathering inventory.
  8. I would choose to loose the items. I would never pay a ransom to other players. Ever.
  9. I'm addicted to NMS. One of the best single player games I've played in the last 25 years. Gamers looking for difficult challenge or robust combat will be disappointed by NMS, sure. If DU launches - I think the primary issue will be the tension between PvP combat aficionados and builders who abhor PvP combat.
  10. I covered that in what I wrote. For instance, I'm not aware of sandboxes being built with safe areas that prevent people from knocking over sand castles not their own. The devs are not so adherent to the concept of "sandbox" that they're going to not include arkified zones simply because sandboxes don't have safe zones.
  11. I'm a filthy casual and proud of it. Suicide is what first came to mind. I don't understand how ransom could help resolve a destroyed jumpgate. I would never pay a ransom - just out of principle. I would most likely just explore the new space while waiting for a new probe and gate to be built. But, if I were desperate to return to the originating base quickly - suicide should work fine.
  12. The sandbox label is really meaningless. The DU devs aren't striving to create a "sandbox game". As in, "We have to allow players to grief each other, otherwise it won't be a sandbox." DU has safe zones. Newbies can't be picked off as described in Ark. We'll just have to see how well the devs are able to balance the opposing camps.
  13. That story is all about grieving and has absolutely nothing to with pirating.Pirating != Griefing
  14. Terrible person behind the avatar is going to be subjective. Terrible people generally don't perceive themselves to be terrible people. For me, it's a matter of good sportsmanship - which is lacking in a lot of MMORPG gamers. People who don't care about actively ruining the time other players invest in their play session are terrible people. Plenty of competitive players who enjoy conflict that's it's easy enough to get your rocks off in battle... and leave the non-competitive players alone. I don't understand why people abandon the concept of good sportsmanship in MMORPGs - beyond the fact that physical forms are safe behind the anonymity of the internet.
  15. I just find it amusing that those who brag about destroying other player's invested time and work are the ones that crumble at verbal attacks which they could simply ignore.
  16. Seems like that should be true for any player who "oversteps the bounds". I don't know why you limit that to "pirates".
  17. They didn't get offended by you saying GG. They didn't agree with you that the fight was fair. (Especially since the PvP combat in Landmark was never considered to be well-balanced by weapon choice.) We'll have to see how easy or difficult it is to travel between safe zones without being griefed. And we'll have to see the degree to which the DU design caters to and supports griefing.
  18. meh Can't humiliate me via words. Sticks and stones.... It is possible to ruin my experience by destroying in a matter of minutes what I've spent hours, days and weeks building.
  19. 1: I don't play these "games" for the gameplay - I play them to live in an evolving online world/universe. 2: My preference is that occurrences of pvp combat would be about the same as the occurrences of pvp combat in the real world. 3: More asshole gamers who grief and kos simply because they can without suffering the pains they would have to deal with in real life. 4: But that's what safe zones are for DU. 5: Piracy != griefing A number of ways to schedule conflict with players who are interested in conflict without griefing players who aren't interested in conflicted. Griefing should be character v character rather than players griefing players.
  20. I am currently addicted to No Man's Sky (Survival mode) twitch.tv/dygz
  21. DU already has quite a few of the skilled Landmark voxelmancers on the Alpha Team.
  22. A dwarf planet is a type of celestial body that has some characteristics that resemble a planet, but not enough to be classed as a planet. Programmers have been working with voxels for several years now. The devs think they have some revolutionary code. We'll just have to wait and see.
  23. I think Ravenskysong is confusing "Early Bird" with a "Headstart"? "Boosted" could also be confusing.
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