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  1. Face of Mankind. i think i tried that when it was new... french based players as far as i can remember... and my french is ... euhm. not there.
  2. discordauth:5RRDFLNJA8ATmZF4vA3fYlA_TV32NYgTimdWcIlZ28I=

  3. pillars of eternity, planet coaster, rimworld, witcher 3, tormet: tides of Numenera, tyranny, wasteland 2, guardians of ember (12th dec), project genom (maybe), dishonoured 2, deus ex mankind, mafia III, stellaris, hitman (2016), skysaga infinite isles...my wife.
  4. Tec


    thanks for the warm welcome people!
  5. Tec


    Have played on and off through the years. If a new game (sw-tor etc) emerged i dropped out for a time to return later. i finaly did end playing eve.. that was around the time i had my 5 characters immortalised on the plaque now i feel annoyed if i only hear the same music, sounds ... i get remined of the non-progression they made. I think they (eve) did not progress enough to keep the game fun. (heavy focus on forced pvp and not in building stuff) Why did you stop?
  6. nice introduction i need to create sn intro too.
  7. wuts wrong with patterns? i like patterns. chaotic patterns maybe. but patterns ninetheless
  8. europe. netherlands. almere (near amsterdam). nice to meet you all
  9. Tec


    hello from Almere. (near amsterdam) i found this game and hopped on the bandwagon. i have been around in eve online for 10 years. played it since beta. heavy investor in Star Citizen (space marshal) and in Chronicles of Elyria. (ruler of tryggr vikings) i have played in numerous other mmo games like Lotro, sw-tor, wildstar etc. so i really hope to have some good times here.
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