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  1. I think deflation would be handled on what goods or service the organization offers for their Tokens
  2. I like the idea of creating a piece of paper or 'bank note' from available resources. In fact this is what CodeGlitch0 suggested in his post on player generated Resource Tokens. I just somewhat disagree with his idea of just letting any player create them. I feel that adding any kind of note, currency, I.O.U., etc. really should be part of a advance part of the development of a organization. That way the organization would be held accountable instead of a player if things do not work out. I also like the idea of a designated organization controller (accountant, treasurer....
  3. I take your meaning on development time. If something like this was to be implemented it would probably not make in to the game unless it was cherry picked in beta development. Some of the features would already be present in the game already which would make things easier to set up. Quest system was mentioned as a possibility around pre-alpha currency system will be in place (new currency different name) ownership will be in place trading / barter system will be in place The hardest parts would probably be my idea of adding a de-spawn feature to the token
  4. discordauth:w6VG1I3ElYvfIDOVbLcM7DZVGa8jRlzlnAnUdjtgtrQ=

  5. My idea is to allow an organization to use Resource Tokens to pay it's members for helping the organization to grow. Basically the organization is in need of a large amount of resources, or a service, so the organization issues a quest(s) for parts of what ever good or service. Instead of paying in currency, the organization pays out in these resource tokens. First off this similar ideas have been mentioned in different ways in the forums. While there may be more, I wanted to make sure to link at least the ones that I have found already. An example of Stocks https://bo
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