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  1. My company, the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. is still looking for members of all kind, reaching from designer to soldier. I can offer you a position, if you are interested
  2. I have a question: Was the Novark one of the last arkships that left earth? I want to write a fanfiction for the contest bust I don't want conflicting informations
  3. the combat will be lock-on target, if I got that right. So you can make a script that will aim at something in your view, but you will not have to aim at it permanently
  4. My company is peacful, but if there are any pirates we will defend our ships.
  5. I'm gonna participate. We'll see how i end up with. May the best win!
  6. We all want that the server doesn't die. I like the general idea, but I still hope that there will be some kind of recycling (because the resources in one system are theoretically limited). Something like a group of recycling ships that clean up the mess after a large space battle would be cool and it would mean easy to get resources and less server load
  7. This is really awesome. I'd like to see something like drills for constructs (so you can set up a big drill to dig a tunnel through the vein, which mines slowly but semi-automated) and big scanners for ships (more accurate, bigger radius etc.)
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Max, and I'm the leader of VMS, the Vortrex Mining and Science Inc. Our goal is to establish a large independent company which wants to develop the best ship designs in the whole universe. Internally our company is divided in 5 sectors, S.M.A.R.T (Scientific Material Development and Research Team), Mine(n)Craft, Transport and Trading (still looking for a good name) and the 1st Order (our defensive fleet). There are 2 sector managers in each of them, I am the leader of the 5th sector (organisation). Currently we are recruting only in the first 4 sectors. At the mo
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