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  1. https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions See "Rejected": No Rotors, Sliders, Pistons, Hinges or Rails.
  2. "Dual Evolution" soon. Still I walk.
  3. Bonjour Voltek, Et bienvenue à Venum Corp. Néanmoins, ce forum étant international, il est nécessaire de traduire toutes les présentations d'organisations en anglais (tous les posts, d'ailleurs, quitte à utiliser une application pour cela). Hello Voltek, And welcome to Venum Corp. This forum being international, however, it is necessary to translate any org presentation in english (any post, actually, even if through the use of an app).
  4. All KS supporter (should) have been already picked for Alpha access; if that's your case and you're still "Alpha: No", contact support.
  5. Yes. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/08/08/release-roadmap-alpha-launch-announcement/
  6. I suggest you open a dedicated Discord server. I'll be there. Let's talk.
  7. That feeling when I watch a cast about DU with high standing members of the community and they go "I wish someone would compile DU's historical events in some sort of released timeline" and I'm like:
  8. 3 months have passed so I snipped (I do not own a cat). Layout got messy, I have no idea why, I'll redo it but ugh.
  9. Many followed the affair - some a little too closely for their own good - but many did not, so I shed some candlelight on the recent conflict between Dark Star Imperium and The United Empire, and its regrettable consequences. Please keep in mind that this topic is 1. a bit partial, because no-one is truly "neutral", and 2. abridged, because I kept superfluous and/ or unknown parts out. Now we can all archive this, stop wasting NQ's time and carry on as better people.
  10. So we're having affairs going on. I hear a lot of talk about what's proper and what's not, lately. Debates and rulings: all valid, all tedious, all necessary. I just wanted to let you know i'm still taking notes, one day at a time. My book is open right there.
  11. As usual every 3 months, I cleared the logs and updated the chronology. Tik-tok. For reasons unknown, the website manager I use is devoiding my links of their identifiable apple-green color. So now I underline them, but previous links are as camouflaged amidst text as harfangs nested in snow.
  12. So the Dual Universe community is enjoying the traditional trève des confiseurs but ingame, Alioth and its sisters are also seeing another kind of many pastry chefs at work. It's all so tasty.
  13. Could we please see a demo ? Or some concept ? Who would feed data to this site ? Who would monitor it ? Who would update/ delete it ?
  14. Finally ! "First Contact" is upon us ! The Alpha Simulation program has started amidst Aphelia's mysterious and powerful processors, and exiled Noveans are slowly roused from their cold trance as they still lay dormant in the Arkship flying towards Alioth... That means: a new intro for Dual Universe Sleepers and the start of an ingame roleplay/ diary log (sadly still under NDA because of course.)
  15. One step, one dream at a time, I shall walk this Earth, Lest we all forget. (though we obviously do)
  16. So as I was climbing the mountain the other day, I met two Wise Men on the path; the rising sun shone at their back. The first one solemnly raised his hand and declared: - We are doing this for the members of the community, so they stay excited and involved with this game. I don’t think any of the people we actually make this for are really that interested or invested in what That Bad Guy Over There says or does. And why should they be? The second one shook his head in a cocky fashion and proclaimed: - How about not flinging more feces coz that shite sticks to the thrower too. Then they both flew off in the distance, their hair flowing behind them. ... That was a weird experience.
  17. Did some archiving, tidying up the place, snipping bits. Also, media & info productions within Dual Universe are getting solid: Ark Central, GLSU, SpartanCast, Spaceship Drama... Keep your eyes open as you sleep.
  18. Two years old Weight: about 11–13 kg Height: about 80–82 cm Teeth: 12 temporary
  19. As time passes, I erase things, because sic transit; a few go to the Previous page, most don't, but everything stays in my offline archives so feel free to ask if you have a question; all I ask for is that you correct any mistake you can spot.
  20. "Go Boldly, Thread Lightly, Wipe Softly." (Jean-Christophe Baillie, June 2018) (See you in July, one babbling per month seem just enough for now.)
  21. "I like apples, therefore this orange will fail as a fruit." (Ten Thousand Tricks Pony, 2018) Did I get this right ?
  22. Hey, did you guys hear about my website ?! It has stars.
  23. I re-did the "Previous" records, deleting all org founding dates and replacing them with more relevant milestones.
  24. I have found a fitting image for what I do: DUSleepers is my Baseline.
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