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  2. Hello everyone, I have this project of creating some kind of spaceports/malls/meeting points in DU. The first one would obviously be on Alioth. The first version will just have some basic stuff, like a public res node and a taxi station, but hopefully it will grow to something bigger. The way I see it, multiple orgs could join and do business in one place, like in a mall or an IRL airport. For players willing to join, I'm creating an org : https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-alioth-omniport-project , I'll put more info in this if I'm not the only one interested in this. For organizations willing to collaborate in any way (taxi, cargo, advertisement, etc.) please leave a message.
  3. I was planning to create an organisation of that kind, so you can count me in. As everybody else, I don't know where the game is going in terms of skills training but if a pilot as "+2% to thrusters power", I have no problem with that, it opens new career opportunities with specialized training. If one can get too high bonuses, there will need to have pilot categories or something. Concerning the place of LUA and driving assistance in racing, some combinations could be interesting: - build a ship, program its script and pilot it - get a standard ship, program its script and pilot it - get a standard scripted ship and pilot it - build and script an automated racing drone (sounds like a dream, but if you've played Mindrover you know it's possible) Industry needs to advertise its software as much as its design. A racing league with enough members and teams could run more than one of these options. Having some experience with Trackmania and never having finished the "1-hour track", I think the tracks should be a lot shorter than that.
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    The obvious scam: 1 you apply to an organization having bounty on it. 2 we meet next to a rez unit. 3 I kill you 3506 times. 4 I claim the reward. 5 We split the profit.
  5. Agreed. I would appreciate not having to be home, start my PC, log to the game and wait for it to load just to participate in a vote or check my in-game messages.
  6. If this emergent gameplay gets mature enough, we might see organizations providing insurances/reputation/controls/punishments to contracts. You will then only need to trust such an organization. Or maybe I'm too naive
  7. Probably we could just put the train on the rail, without maglev or anything else. Maybe the friction between two constructs will be marginal in game physics, or maybe they will come up with some reduced-friction material, or maybe some good engineer could create a ball bearing ingame. Any of these would reduce energy cost a lot. I didn't find any transport organization so I created mine but if one already exists I'd be glad to apply.
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