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  1. we have many locations, so one of them could realy be
  2. Zellcore is looking for Star Wars fans to join! We build Star Wars inspired fan art ships. We design and provide Star Wars inspired ships to both sides, the good and to bad guys. We offer all types of ships, such as speeder-bikes, fighters, L core ships, and everything in-between. Our goal is to fill the world with Star Wars ships and fans. If you want to join and work for Zellcore, you are very welcome. Zellcore is not a nation and is not political aligned. It is industrial corporation with shipyards, mining divisions and own armed fleet, presented on different planets. But nobody (except NQ) did ever found our HQ yet. At moment we offer some vacant jobs: - miners - pilots - guners - designers - scripters Join Zellcore Sub divisions Zellcore HQ Zellcore Shipyard Zellcore Mining Corp Zellcore Fleet Zellcore Black Troopers https://discord.gg/FJ7Pwdc https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/zellcore/#tab-applications For details please contact Elias24#1785.
  3. i was waiting long time for the skill tree...now it is live, and i don't like it...at least r0.15 part
  4. it is not a bug, it is meant to replace destroyed element with a new one...not repair it with scraps
  5. we still miss these shape tools, at least cones are very important, because everything else can be done with different ways
  6. we still miss these shape tools, at least cones are very important, because everything else can be done with different ways
  7. in DU is the sun just a little bright dot without any physics. you could cover it with a smal core ... 128 core would be more than enough but it could change in the future, maybe already very soon in r0.13
  8. there is a public trello wich gives the insight for speculations: https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions the list what has to be done is growing and growing, and the time is flying and flying... my opinion didn't change since half year: If NQ don't get more men power (at least double team size), don't expect full game release before 2020,
  9. nice to see, NQ is helping ppl :-) and no, i don't think, that anyone get confused, at least for me is the story clear...welcome back Xsarec :-)
  10. no, you can't do exactly like this...but in the tutorial video you can get some tips how you can do it similar looking...after investing of whole testing weekend, you might get something ;-)
  11. if this kind of system will happen, then i will withdraw from the game at all...as trader/industrialist i will not do the whole work, searching for ressources, creating a blueprint of a turret, then a killer is appearing and looting the whole work, then can't do revenge because he is using my turret to protect himself. This kind of game will reward the lazy and penalize the creatives. Better i will not work at all and wait unthil someone doing something, kill him and using his stuff. Strong kill the weak instead to protect them. Weak will be perished - I don't need this dishonorable game.
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