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  1. I hope they announce something about the naming convention soon. I an in favor of CharacterName@AccountName - where AccountName is unique and CharacterName can be anything we want.
  2. Is it possible to receive email notifications of new replies to topics I follow? I think I have it set up correctly in the settings but I have not seen any emails yet.
  3. How much personal inventory will be be allotted on our avatar? Will it be sufficient to build starships? How will storage work? Will there be safe stations like EVE stations to keep larger quantities of materials/ships?
  4. Nice endorsement. I had forgotten about my old Star Citizen account. How close are they to release?
  5. That is a good point. I know that Player Made items in EVE and World of Warcraft continue to exist even after a character/account is deleted. But I suppose they are simpler items.
  6. I thought they decided never to delete accounts in Second Life anymore for reasons like this.
  7. Yep, basically 26 more days to pledge at the Ruby level. It is also good to know we will have DACs in-game. You can work hard and buy game-time from other players.
  8. I liked EVE's in-game browser. Maybe they could add it down the road. Alt-Tab to Chrome works fine for me for now
  9. Sorry Double Post* But Facebook was right to show me this game.
  10. Good idea, I just subscribed to DU's YouTube Channel as well.
  11. I like the smaller planet size based on the fact that it will be a little easier to have social interactions and run into other players. On a realistic, Earth-sized planet, I don't think we would see each other very often.
  12. I keep seeing the advertisement in my Facebook feed. Then I read all about it on Kickstarter and backed it. This game looks like something I have been waiting for my whole life Long-time EVE player here.
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