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  1. discordauth:6FeUTDPer0ItpSTovYL68gOHs5HpUFGPdxBXEVNYq7Y=

  2. Question 2: patch the hull, fix the life support. Use the ice i mined from the comet to fuel the life support while I repair my ship. Question 3: I wound modify the coordinates of the back hole on my star chart, sell them to my enemy and watch them jump into the event horizon, and laugh as they remain frozen there from my POV.
  3. Maybe DU project is to help with the AI development, learn and play with humans in a sci-fi simulation. Someone need to manage the human race, since we cant do it for our self's.
  4. idk, thinking of raising my pledge in the last week if need be. I'll be pissed if I didn't and it failed to reach goal.
  5. Thanks looking forward to playing with everyone.
  6. I dont sleep, I tend to be OCD about my projects

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