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  1. I hope they keep FPS out of this game. There are other games for that. This game should be about creativity, space exploration, (future) real life simulation. Would it be interesting? Yes, for some. Is it necessary? No, I think not
  2. During gameplay the game is pretty much stable nowdays. For me at least. I did have to upgrade my internet connection to get better performance and screen resolution though. I have a 100mbps connection now (in reality gives around 90mbps, more than enough). What still annoys me is the numerous crashes during startup. I sometimes have to try 3 or more times to get into the game without this exception error message. Further more I hate the lacking possibilities to use .obj files and uploading custom scripts. This is really limiting gameplay for me. Also the auto log out after inactivity makes it hard to slowboad to other planets. You have to move your mouse every couple minutes. PS you also want to avoid playing on WIFI. I use ethernet to avoid network interference
  3. Still NQ should allow people to try out the game for free in tutorial style, meaning with surrogates and away from the live server.
  4. As a relatively new player I have to say that the safe zone is very much needed, because the game is already hardcore to start from scratch and achieve some basic things like a ship and a base. After about a month I'm finally finding my way to other planets like Madis and Thades, which was already hard for me. If Alioth - Thades/Madis would be PVP zone, I would have failed and lost my ship probably on the first trip over there, which would set me practically back to zero... and probably quit the game because of it. And about the schematics I can't say much yet because too new for me, but I imagine that this has to be done for balancing and avoiding market manipulation and dumping. Since the assembly machines have a relatively low cost, there must be something else to brake super-manufacturing. In fact, adding energy management would not be bad to brake it even more.
  5. Hello developers, I would like to make a suggestion to make it possible for GFN players to use the projector: Make it possible to upload .obj files to your account through the website (like the image upload), then in the game being able to select the .obj file that you uploaded. GFN users can't access directories on the GFN servers (which is obvious). That limits GFN players like myself to use important features like the projector or loading custom scripts into controllers (maybe that could also be done through the website). GFN players are paying a full DU subscription fee, but their gameplay is limited, and after playing a few months, these lacking features become important. (projector needed to build more complex ships) I also want to mention here again that the stability during game startup is extremely poor. The game crashes sometimes 3 to 5 times in a row, costing me a lot of time sometimes to get into the game. I sincerely hope you can improve support for GFN players like myself. I have been following the DU development since 2017, but only been able to play from this year with GFN (I have had Mac computers whole my life, and didn't want to buy a game PC just for this game only)
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