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  1. Its been a while since ive been back on the sight, But i cant seem to figure out how to edit my organization posts or anything at all. Am i missing something ? When i go to the Org page there are no options to add or edit post's anywhere i can see.
  2. Hmm More pre-alpha woes .. Hope i don't miss this opportunity as well.
  3. Just got the email for the pre alpha.. see you out there !!
  4. Now supporting Citadel Forged with fire.. come check out Star Empire Gaming .. visit our teamspeak at StarEmpireGaming.ddns.net
  5. Anyone playing Ark Survival Evolved ? Star Empire Gaming currently owns and operates 4 servers all clustered.. We will be adding a 5 clustered server once the new expansion drops.. The Island Ragnarock Scorched Earth The Valcano
  6. This is a recruitment thread i would appreciate it if you would remove your posts, or change them.. Its derogatory, and counter productive to my org. Thank you
  7. Star Empire Gaming is still recruiting to our multi gaming community . Playing other games ? Waiting it out while you play something else ? Come join star empire gaming visit our teamspeak: Starempiregaming.ddns.net Come join us now and solidify your role today P.s. The people above are all paranoid about something i have no clue . And obviously have way more time on there hands then they know what to do with . And believe me Star Empire Gaming is not fake . Nor is it against the rules to have non backers in your org . I personally will have 20 DAC's to give out to friends and family to try this game . And if either of you try to Sir_RAt, LCB Zoe " attempt to sabotage my post again i will see to it that your are permanently banned for actions unbecoming.
  8. Star Empire Gaming Alliance "SEGA" is now recruiting to our gaming community we provide tools and voice comms for multiple games some examples are : Star Trek Online Dual universe Elite Dangerous Star Citizen Entropia Universe Star Wars Galaxies Freelancer Star Wars The Old Republic World of Warships PuBg EVE Online SOTA To name a few We are always open to adding new popular games to our gaming community and providing a positive attitude and mature environment. If you would like to become part of a legacy and a good gaming community. Please visit our teamspeak to introduce yourself Starempiregaming.ddns.net .We also have Discord and various websites Our members are global and we try to maintain a constant presence online.
  9. Alright gamers we get to play in the pre alpha at the end of this month.. this is exciting news for everyone . Not the full alpha but at least we get to have a taste of what's to come .. this should be fun cant wait to give it a go. hope to see you all there
  10. Yah its a shame. But the game is progressing. And next year will be the best year yet for SC .
  11. Thanks Master, creating a powerful org in any game is a hard thing to do for sure. Most of my friends didn't want to help fund this game because of the whole star citizen thing kinda ruined crow funding for them. Which is why i'm actively recruiting to Dual Universe and within it. But i know a lot of my friends in the 77th like this kind of game play and when they see it first hand won't be able to resist. Anyone respectful and drama free is welcome in the 77th . who knows Masteredred maybe we will be in a galactic alliance in Dual Universe one day
  12. Yeah we made it , game was successfully funded. I had no doubt the game looks amazing. I Look forward to playing this game with everyone . For you alpha lvl backers, see you in the Alpha !!
  13. Hi folks the Star Empire is currently recruiting , currently we are looking for some community driven roles including graphics design or someone with a lot of experience using adobe photoshop cs5 or newer for logos badges signatures ect..., web design consultants, as well as video editing and capturing specialist. If you have background in any of these areas we could use you on our team. But beyond those needs were recruiting membership of all forms from casual to hardcore players Please apply here: https://community.du...7th-star-empire or http://starempiregaming.guildlaunch.com/ If anyone is looking for a good guild, with room for leadership and roles come check out the Star Empire Gaming, were a great group of guys a well established guild looking to take on Dual Universe and everything it has to offer On behalf of the Star Empire I would like you to become part of our organization. In Dual Universe we believe it is better to be friends then enemies . We Are looking for members just like " you " who show a sign that they want to take on a leadership role by being involved with the Org's membership and would be thrilled to have you with us! Star Empire Gaming is a growing community of gamers from around the world who are dedicated to perfecting their interests in game and passing that knowledge on to new members, so that we all may get the most out of our experiences in the BDSE. If you're looking for a group that values comradery, loyalty and most importantly good clean fun, consider Star Empire Gaming ! Membership and affiliates welcome, sorry no hidden affiliations allowed. We are in the process of making our group much larger We already have a very active multi national multi gaming community that you are more then welcome to join.And members will be falling in line as time progresses Filling job position's and community Roles But we also have a dedicated group for Dual Universe. It is better we become allies now, then later We always say . If you would like to become a member of the Star Empire or an affiliate of what will be a great group of gamers We ask that you hit that Apply NOW !! If your on the ropes about joining or would just like to stop by to and talk about the phenomenon that is Dual Universe, feel free to visit us on our TeamSpeak 3 channel at: StarEmpireGaming@ddns.net Before I go I would like to give you a couple of links to get to know the Star Empire a little better. To find out more about us and register on our website : visit: www.StarEmpireGaming.guildlaunch.com Also here our Star Trek Online website / Guild https://www.77thtact...guildlaunch.com Our chain of command will be something like this: Still a work in progress As you can see there is a clear chain of command each and every one is as important to the organization as the other. Even The workers will be given ranks such as Lt. Commander, Lt. , Ensign We have members all around the Globe Lets kick some serious butt together !!!
  14. If the Devs want to move this post to the pub that is perfectly fine by me. I did check the forum rules before posting this tho, and am actually surprised i am the first one to do so. Thanks for your concern The War Doctor .
  15. Posted in wrong place Moved Thread to Pub
  16. I think i got it working finally, i had to resize the image to fit the requirements.. Looks nice
  17. im trying to get my forum signature to work but can't figure out why its not working here is my code: <center><img src="http://mattadamwhite.com/77thSignature_SilverBorder.gif"alt="77thSignature_SilverBorder.gif" /></center> can someone help me get it working ...? Thanks
  18. In the Kick starter video they say that markets will be localized and player driven literally built by the players in the virtual world . Does that mean there won't be a global market at safe zones to buy sell and trade from ? Also i can foresee it being a bit dangerous to bring people to a location you are storing your goods as also mentioned in the video. This could lead to piracy from rebel factions or players. An interesting but dangerous concept. I just hope there are trading hubs in the game at least, where it is safe to park buy / sell / trade and not have to visit someones installation where you could get ambushed . There will be thousands of markets in dual universe each one dangerous or a possible gold mine......
  19. Making an app where you can interface with in game chat, View and use the Market on a limited scale. And interface with the guild permissions and ectt.. Live stats anyone you can dream up would be cool.
  20. Dragons, Wolves, Dogs, Alien Creature's
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