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  1. Spoon fed beta? Missions were introduced not that long ago, they are the best way to get ahead and they still exist now. Oh no megas are gone, but everyone has to mine and sell to maintain so if you mission you can get ahead more than ever now. EVE Online had lots of totally imbalanced ways to make money in the early years, it survived just fine. You sound really sour and clueless. I need to stop reading miserable doom posts. Bye forums
  2. So you consider a whale to be someone with a lot of (quite probably hard earned) quanta. I understand now. I've always understood being a whale to be related to real world spending, not in game wealth. A whale could spend all their money on cosmetics for example. So then we must agree that your whales are not a problem unless their -vast amount of- quanta is earned through an exploit? What exploits? I have no idea what you think I'm assuming about you, I'm genuinely just trying to understand why you think there should be a wipe.
  3. It wasn't my intention to put words in your mouth. I am legitimately interested in what you consider a whale and why you think they are a problem. Saying you have a lot of quanta doesn't really explain who or what these whales are, or why you think they are a reason to delete everything. I'm glad you have a problem with exploiters, cool, we have something in common. I still don't think it's a good reason to want a wipe. I've heard of a few small patched exploits, but nothing major personally so maybe I'm just uninformed. What was the biggest exploit that ruined everything? Assuming it's safe to talk about old and patched exploits..? Or if there have been so many, could you enlighten me with the top 3 please? We're still only speculating that NQ hasn't done anything behind the scenes. I have heard a few whispers that they have. I'm sure we can agree they are pretty hush hush in general so personally I'm not that convinced there have been any major exploits that can't be recovered from and weren't dealt with to at least some degree. I'm open to being convinced otherwise though. I have no problem with you personally and I wasn't trying to make you out to be the enemy. My apologies if it felt that way. I do however have a problem with you and everyone else pushing this wipe agenda because I think it hurts the game. I also think the majority of people that want a wipe are those who feel like they "could do better next time" or something weirdly selfish and not based in reality. I'm not saying that's you, I understand you're in a good place resource wise which is why I'm curious about your two main points as to why *you* want a wipe. I'm going to try to stay positive, enjoy my time playing DU believing in NQ and that everything I do is here to stay and if they decide to delete everything I will silently disappear.
  4. What do you mean by a whale in the context of DU? Someone with lots of accounts, that support the game with real money and also probably put in a lot of effort? Yeah punish those evil guys! Your other problem being exploiters? NQ should/does deal with them directly and it is the worst possible excuse to want a wipe that I can think of. You seem to be angry at DU and NQ, if they did wipe would that really make you happy? Why? You keep making posts about the new player experience being horrible, why do you want that for everyone right now? There are a lot of tricks NQ could still put out of their magic hat. I would wait to see what the revamp of the new player experience is before you are "100% sure" of anything. The only thing I'm 100% sure of is that you have absolutely no way of being 100% sure of anything NQ is going to do. Maybe they will add training missions with great rewards to encourage new players to tackle the steep and daunting learning curve. These could include skillpoint boosts, large flat quanta or even boosts to daily quanta for completing challenges that show they have learned one of the many complex systems in DU. How would a new player ever compete with a vet "whale" running several accounts after a wipe? What happens when there is one new exploit after the wipe? Start wipe hype again? New players will be at a disadvantage no matter what. Maybe there is a case for empowering new players to "catch up" enough while encouraging them to learn the game, rather than wiping everything.
  5. In the press release I posted above you can clearly see that NQ sent out press material which stated beta was in NQ's own words "the last planned wipe", which just so happened to coincide with charging a monthly subscription and also in NQ's own words "a great time to start...". A press release is just that; facts from NQ as a resource for game journalists, etc. All of that combined, at the time, made it very much sound like the "persistent" game was worth playing for those who don't like losing things they work hard to acquire/build/whatever. Yes, it's not a "promise", that is the wrong word, but they clearly tried to encourage people who would have normally waited and not paid to work for temporary stuff to start then. I never play a game seriously before a wipe but that was convincing enough for me that I thought I might regret waiting a few years for "launch". They did what they did, we are where we are, now we just need to sit back and wait for them to announce what they plan to do. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  6. A press release is information provided by NQ. I don't know what you mean by "shitty writing" to be honest. It's quite factually showing anyone who said NQ never pushed the no wipe beta that they are wrong. "Players can expect this pricing model to carry on after the game’s launch in 2021" means exactly what it says, I don't even understand the link you made between the two. I think a price change of a dollar or two is a far cry from deleting effort and time investment for two years. NQ very clearly sent out press packs trying to lure players in with the promise of no wipe beta whether you like it or not.
  7. https://www.gamespress.com/ANTICIPATED-SCI-FI-MMO-DUAL-UNIVERSE-REVOLUTIONIZES-THE-VIRTUAL-WORLD- "The team is planning its final content wipe for the Beta release, making it an ideal time to start rebuilding civilization." /Shrug
  8. I only decided to pay and play because of the promise of no wipe. I would be very unhappy with a wipe as I don't think I could be bothered to re-invest my time doing everything again, so game over for me. Maybe that is selfish, but it is how I feel. Exploits should be dealt with by NQ (and maybe have been on a case by case basis) and not used as justification to punish everyone who has put in effort to build things and earn wealth. Some people would still be at a huge advantage even after a "full wipe" particularly those who specialise in LUA related offerings. Please stop pushing for a wipe just because you are unhappy. If you have not been playing for all this time isn't it hugely selfish to think you should be on a level playing field with people who have been playing?
  9. Could you link a video for this please? Personally speaking, that sounds like the saddest DU related news ever.
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