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  1. Rival might be back if they fix the 100% misses, rewamp pvp, and also Deckard still hassnt apologised to J0hnnyB and JohnnyTazer for declaring stowaways as a exploit without giving us any tracking mechanics in return. Statisticly impossible to catch a hauler going off pipe
  2. Hilarious! All pvpers in the game except a few russians are IN LEGION, you guys destroying the game and giving eachother high fives for being 10 ship on 1, like u have skills or anything. Most legfion pilots also some of the worst pilots ever cant even intercept a target going straight. If u Legion had any concept of fun or selfrespect they would split into 2 groups and have fun battling eachother. Now u have zero content and make posts about how good legion is. If a another group comes to challange u then just make allies again, Reason im saying this is I highly doubt there will come another big group into this game, also u guys played long time u know all the tricks and meta, if new group comes they need 8 months just to build up a base
  3. They realy need to clearify what a evntually parcial wipe would mean. Wipe the planets but give back magic BPs? How deep potential wipe are we talkin about, i need know before i or my org put any more play time or money into this game
  4. Removing the schematics is a easy fix, just put up bot buy orders on all schematics=Fixed But how can NQ be so confused all of sudden, even mentioning the word wipe after 8 months of promising not to makes me not wanna put in even 1 more hour into this game anymore. I now feel like i wasted thousands of hours
  5. I realy dont see how the investors will ever get their money back off this game, who are these people that keep pumpin in money into this project, i guarantee they are not gamers themselfs they have no clue. Even on twitch banjoo kazoie has 50 viwers and this game has 20....
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