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  1. Static ip requirement really isn’t an option. I’ve had to have one before and it cost me a ton of money. Now it’s not even an option for me. I have starlink… but everything else you said I liked.
  2. Final thoughts before I sit back and await sentencing. If there’s one consensus among all these comments it’s that a decision needs to happen and be explained soon. first of all, to all the new players wanting a wipe cause you just got here; I’ve heard your arguments and they’re all laughable. That being said there are reasons for a wipe that have nothing to do with the new player experience. Besides, new players will always be behind. What’s needed is more new player bonuses and higher rewards for completing challenges/achievements etc… so, the real problem is the accounts that have exploited the game. this should be easy to fix as there is a total number of talent points that any person could possibly have. Anyone with over that number should have it changed. super billionaires: I don’t know what the fix is here 🤷‍♂️ I’m fine starting with a few mil but others are wanting a percentage of their 50bil. I don’t see how that will work… maybe compensate them with a free alt or free months. Maybe freez it for 3-6 months. No good ideas there. I think most people are just worried about losing their creations that they’ve spent years building. And there’s little point to just delete it forever. So give people their personally created BPs and drm free BPs and I think we’ll survive. one caveat to that point are the places like space port, utopia station, the mega builds… They should be saved somehow. They’re a service to the game and the people who run them aren’t out to become trillionaires they run them for the players! Why do new people want this wiped!?!? We waited a long time for these places to open! You’re not thinking clearly! You’ll wait too for no reason… even if NQ has to do it on their end it should at the very lease be considered. until a decision is made ✌🏽
  3. Gotcha. My bad. I read it like you meant a limit in the game over all. I have about a billion. I wouldn’t be pleased with 100mil but I honestly feel like I don’t need it as much as the new players don’t want me to have it lol. I would be fine with 10 or less. Personally all I want to keep are BPs of my stuff. And if we can get talent points queued or at least a percentage that would be cool too. All I’ve done this whole time we’re industry talents which is lame because I thought surely that won’t ever need to be wiped… sorry again for the misunderstanding ✌🏽
  4. Probably the most broken part of the game is in what you just said. In less than a couple months all the good tiles were gone. That will happen again. Might take a month or two longer because everyone will be starting from scratch but they will be gone and not even necessarily pulling ore out of the ground as some people will take more than they have calibration charges to run. A new solar system/dimension must be created for new players. There’s a lot of ways to make this work well.
  5. Dear NQ, My ign is: Thought Over the last 18 months I have been building a company in your game that directly helps new players. I started Pyramid Co. to build factories for beginners. Everything was labeled with the schematic necessary and limits to maintain. I sell them cheap. I sell all the parts for them. I then started building bigger and bigger factories, doing custom builds and offering ingame and discord support. I have had my talents set to the less glamorous industry talents. My flight talents are still at 3 or below and most things are at 0. I did all this because you launched a game that promised no more wipes. I have put over 1000 hours into this game and have followed every rule. You took my money and promised a persistent universe. If all we were to you were testers then you should have been paying us. Wiping the game would be nothing more than a quick money grab for investors who want to pull out and invest in the upcoming metaverses. DU is a great game and I’ve stuck with you through some real head scratcher updates but doing a full wipe will end your game in under a year. BETTER SOLUTIONS THAT I HAVENT GEARD ANYONE MENTION: This really feels like a no brainer but why don’t you just give new player a handicap? Talent points accumulate much faster daily login bonus much larger a starting planet with all t1-t2 ores after 6 months you have to leave or start paying taxes no players over 6 mo. old can claim a tile there but there can be trading posts where people can meet and transfer goods. ship rentals NOTE TO NEW PLAYERS CRYING THAT ITS NOT FAIR COMING INTO A GAME WITH PEOPLE ALREADY RICH. first of all that’s literally life 2. this game exists because of us (you’re welcome) 3. As I’ve mentioned above DU can give you a boost in the beginning. 4. Do you want a wipe every year for new players? (There’s always going to be new players right? I mean if the game is going to survive how long to you want it to survive for? If the game grows properly there should be more players per year every year thus you noobies want to destroy millions of human work hours so your first three months are easier? Freekin millennials. Work and build it like the rest of us. You think there wasn’t super rich people in the game when I joined? Didn’t matter. Furthermore theres plenty they can do to save peoples art without a wipe or unbalancing the economy.) 5. Getting rid of everything also means that there’s going to be nothing for sale for months (unless they keep BPs which I think they most definitely need to do) 6. Remember that letting people keep their BPs doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to deploy them on day one 6a. My idea for this is to make carryover static BPs instantly deployable and dynamics 1-3 months. why? Because even if you could deploy a factory BP it’s going to take a very very long time to afford all the parts to actually assemble it. I have one factory that cost over 6mo. and 2 billion dollars to build. It’s not going to be causing any problems for anyone until it wouldn’t be a problem anyway… 7. I’ve heard this from other people as well: a new solar system as promised? maybe a 12-24 hour travel time to keep it fair. Free for your first 3-6 mo. Then it’ll cost a few to use… 8. I have more ideas but I don’t want this to be too long:) If you keep BPs please for the love of god make the deployment better so we can actually still redeploy them perfectly next to other cores. When you have it partially deployed we should be able to see the structures outline and right click another structure to lock onto its orientation. Then make it moveable just like an element. If you don’t keep BPs I will find another game. And I will be requesting a full refund. We paid, created, spent 100’s-1000’s of hours building and should have someway to save that no matter how hard or expensive it is for you to figure out. Even if I can’t use the factories for a certain about of time. It’s literally like your walking up to someone who’s been painting a picture for 18 months and lighting it on fire for no real good reason. It’s wrong and disrespectful and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re obviously going to do some form of wipe so sack up and make a decision. Making US wait like this is absurd. Chances are if I go find a game to play before you make your decision I won’t come back either. PVP: I think everyone will agree it’s a mess and the only conflict zones are around asteroids. Which can take two hours or more to track! Idea: make a conflict zone around a dwarf rogue planet that swings by every 6-12 hours. Solid ore. DSAT gives exact location. No tracking necessary. legion is a problem. They show up with 6 ships. So you need a duel option. Where you can fight anyone anywhere with certain filters. So S cores can fight just S cores. Or two S cores could challenge an M core… pvp based solely on the chances of bumping into a ship randomly in the vastness of space has been extremely underwhelming. LET US VOTE ON IT!?!?!??? I mean isn’t that what this game was supposed to be all about. Seems like something of this magnitude should at least be voted on. Give us 4-5 options and let us vote. SCHEMATICS: I, like other players, didn’t even know this was a problem. Get rid of them all together? Or just charge you for them in the industry unit? There will be problems if you get rid of the cost of making higher and higher tier items which must be obvious. which brings me to the strangest fact about DU set 10,000 years in the future but the internet is worse that the 20th century? What aren’t digital data items transferable like they should be? 1. if you keep them make them cheaper 2. make the talent points necessary for everything lower. If you add it up it would take over ten years to master all the talents. Probably longer as you add them every now and then. 3. If you get rid of them. I want a partial refund equal to that of the % we keep of our quanta. If that’s even happening… FINAL THOUGHTS: Remember now that the amount of ore you can pull out of the ground is limited to how many calibration charges you have; new players should be able to achieve a high cash flow relatively quickly. I love this game. Please don’t ruin it if nothing else for the love of god please let us keep our blueprints. I would pay more money to keep it so the extra server option might be doable if you just charge us more to stay on the legacy server. Finally, why in the holy hell is it so hard to search for things at the market? Give us more filters or at least put voxels in their own menu. I don’t want to search for every voxel color to find the best deal. Sometimes I don’t care the color I want to see all lithium voxels and choose the deal! Is that so hard??? Peace out, Thought
  6. This game will only make it to release because they said no more wipes. Bringing in people like me. You wipe the game it will fail. Anyone who wants a wipe is crybaby noob:) ✌?
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