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  1. It remembers me on the shops on stations you could lend in the (EVE_O) game i remember, so peoples coudl come by and have a look at your Cooperation - some not only sell store - more a present us better place - am I right ?
  2. It does change the process if its a sandbox game where you build to build ontop, and i woudl loose mutch i allready prepared so i woudl be thrown back fro abaout 2 years of work, 14 xs ships fro different use, 5 S 2 M ships designs, industry Production Cores for Planets and space stations, waypoints and places i have seved in different databases so i fly more secure throu space and mutch more. Developing and using this what i made to make my life easyer is what enjoys me in this game and it woudl enjoy me on but starting from 0 would be a nogo for my personal point of gamplay in this game.
  3. I bet iof they totaly wipe they wipe the hole cluster and there is no arguument to wipe planets at all, or even skills talents and so on.... its litterly breaking the promis from beta begin that ther will be no tottaly wipe
  4. you never build industry buildings where teh core is just a dice hull but all connections between containers till endproduct is ready is hell of work and time ... thisnk you make it yourself to easy
  5. "A reset would be an opportunity to remove things that have been deemed very unpopular by the already existing community, such as the schematics" are you joking after so mutch work to get the shematas ? "The only way to remove them in a clean way without causing too many disturbances in the economy is clearly when the in-game economy has been just reset." Ther will be "NO" total reset after beta start was told - are you still Joking ? Is it the first of April ? "As you, our current experienced players, will have quite an advantage compared to the new players on many levels (game knowledge, talent points, wealth, constructs already owned), there's a need to make things a bit more balanced to give a fighting chance to the wave of new players that will join the Community later." You know that i play that to be able top offer the new members a quicker start and now you take my work as a argument against me ? "We also want to give all the players (new players as much as a big part of the early backers who have waited for the game to be in a fairly polished state) to have the opportunity of the right start." I am Backer from first Alpha time, and you wanna give me a fresh strat after i gave you years of my lifetime ? Your jokes leave the border from sarcasam and make me angry on teh writer of this massage. "In case of a wipe, finding a way for our veteran players to allow them to keep (or rebuild quickly) their favorite constructs, without creating any loophole for players to bypass the reset (and defeat the purpose of why it’s done)." You write this in the full meaning for your Wipe pro view and want to fix us on this view, so on one side you dont wanna hurt us and throuw us back bun on other side you will do this.... I cant use BPs for building stuff back again cause in most cases the coses are buildet inside of eatch other and the correct placement if i woudl habve a BP would be not sovebla quest for placement so i woudl need to redesign buidl industries connect and so on and weeks of work would be destroyed. "Some planets currently do not have the quality and polished state the Novaquark team wants to give them. We also have seen that a part of the Community has the same opinion on the topic, and this is why the dev team has been planning a revamp for the planets which haven’t received one already." Grafical polishes can be done with Updates there is no really argument for a wipe in this but thx for thsi repeating nice to have .... I ask myself what has happend with teh idea to make this game able to pay with ingame value for month of gameplay ? Didnt read mutch about this anymor since 2 years.... and now you wanna wipe - thx i need to rethink if you are worth of my time cause you are not holding what you told, in german culture this is called "lying" And with organizations what openly lie i dont wanna spend weeks of my life supporting them. " Doing no wipe at all." Pros Why just do a update ?!? I buildet stuff for newcommers so they can start more eassy and you wanna now destroy all my work and behaviors Cons Updating is enough and all aother kinds of your ideas just spread the lies in different aspects ..... you are liers and we know it now .... thx for your stilll try to keep us playing but if you really wipe i will destroy any content of the 2K hours i at least spend in this game - i ask myself if your workers did so mutch hours in the last years for thsi game like the community did it for free and with their lifetime.... Thx to be so transparent but in the end you just wanna use time to change toe point of view in some players so they keep playing this and beliving it will be a better outcome... Thought Novaquark is a better game design Company cause you started so well and had best suppoert experiance in last 20 years but in the end the decissionmakers are allways not teh once who play so they never are in it and can decide whatever they think it could be appropriate for the economy ... no other aspect is in thsi discussion - its just the easy way and its teh cheap way - so do it the cheap way and send a massage ... Over and out
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