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  1. This game will only make it to release because they said no more wipes. Bringing in people like me. You wipe the game it will fail. Anyone who wants a wipe is crybaby noob:) ✌🏽
  2. Super stoked for this one. Noticed it says everything but new ore distribution. Is that not happening? Also, ideas for future updates. Is there anyway to let the player decide how far out things load in? The repair units need to use scrap not destroy and replace everything. Getting disconnected while flying needs a better response than falling out of the sky while you stand on the seat. Better sharing of scanner results and map functions. It would be nice to be able to mark right on the map with filters that can be shared. Better representation of planet locations relative to themselves with distances. A larger container hub or hub hub. Flat panel voxel tool. Alphabet tool/graffiti tool. Rmb in talent que to move to top. Moving things up takes forever. Auto walk would be nice. And of course better sorting and filters in the market. I want to see the things I can only get where I’m at. Moving more than one item from market container at a time. And selling form linked container should be easier. And lastly can you make it so the list doesn’t reset every time you go back. Thanks! Love the game!
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