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  1. As I said after, if they implement damage done by construct as a weapon, then the problem is solved. So that's no big deal to solve. That's all I'm saying.
  2. Not sure that is that broken. I mean, Glasses do have HP. Voxels do have HP. What your ship flying through an obstacle doesn't do is inflicting damages. Considering a moving object as a weapon that can inflict damages depending on mass/speed e=mc² ? could easily solve the problem. Shouldn't take some hard long coding to do too.
  3. It's not much better for pilots I believe. PvP has to be fun. It has to be exciting. It has to be fast. Even flying in space is not actually that much fun. Straight forward. Flying on Madis is more exciting. You're not gonna drag lots of PvPers if PvP is that slow. But if you want to drag some guys in, you'll have to rethink the way space flight works, because that starts from here. The way ships fly will determine how fights will occur and how fun they would be. It's a player based game, in space, so that's no big deal I often see Star Wars look a like ship almost everywhere. You can bet those guys want to PvP Star Wars style. not click 1 wait... clik 2... wait... click 3... DEAD The general idea behind PvP, claiming territories, ressources, mining, is pretty good, all of them can bond together really nicely and set up for a great game. But base mechanics have to be great for it to work. I doubt DU would be a worse game if you didn't have to put engines in every directions to be able to move up/down right/left with ease and do sharp turns. Who really cares about that? I get the point of having engineers being able to technologically best another one, but you still don't have to go this extend to be able to do it. So to sum this up, I'd say they've pushed it a bit too far regarding the game, sometimes arcade style is quite fun.
  4. Been playing it for a few months now, and these last week have been a nightmare to play. My corp is slowly dying because well... it doesn't evolve much. I'm 46 years old and been on quite a few MMOs for the last 20 years. The closest thing to DU I played? A Tale In The Desert. Basically, I would sum up DU like this: Too much anything. At some point, you have to decide what is your "finished product". I put this between quotes, because well, by definitions, MMOs are never finished, bugs are always here 2/3/4/5 years after launches. That's how it is. Right now I'm not sure NQ does have a definition of what their "finished product" his. It's cool to have a loading page with all the incoming features. But if they wait to have them all to call the game finished, we're good to wait for a few years. Not sure my patience will last that long. Some problems: - Too many planets on the system. Those IG are less than 10% populated, and I'm being nice. And you're woring on a new system? That's a loss of ressources that would be helpful somewhere else. Shrink that system to 3/4 planets right now and ride with it, that will force interaction between players. Right now you can spend months without seeing somebody else. You don't have an MMO in players do not interacts. Be it friendly or not. - Space PvP guys... Who thought that this PvP would be fun? Ideas are good, but badly implemented. That part should be fun. That's where you need space dogfighting with big ships shooting on everything around. Reworking the way you move in space should be priority N°1 here. Stop going straight and shoot 400kms away. Go back to basics, like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, and add joystick control. - Schematics, idea was not bad, but badly implemented. And too late. Newcomers starts with a huge disadvantage here from vets. A freaking one. Sure you could join an organization or whatever, but well, see point 1. - Since ressources are a finite number on every planet, that's a problem that'll rise at anytime soon. Mining units are supposed to be a solution, except well, they still aren't IG and aren't really viable either. A new system won't help as players will have to go to the next zone and start from scratch again. That should be a problem solved from day 1 too... - Skills, here again, it's too many, way too many skills. I get the point, but crap, it'll take eons before all these are completed. I'll have to try to add everything in the queue and see how long it'll take. A few years probably. Sure you don't want players to be perfect in everything, but if that's what you want, have them choose their way early in the game instead of this. Links back to point 1 as well. - Players needs directions. Even in sandboxes type of game. Mission system should have been a Day 1 feature. It would have been good for organisations building and cohesion. - Can't believe there's a spawn/despawn protocol for ships when players are logging in/out. Result is here for everyone to see. Go to District 6/7 on Ailoth. That's a nightmare. OK. That's cool for players to see what others have done, but I don't want to see ships that where done by guys that don't even play the game anymore. Either despawn them, or allow players to deconstruct them. Let's be ecologist here. - Finally, on the mechanics of the game, lots of stuff is done client wise, not server wise. Idea of having just one server is good. But doing calculation client wise is really bad. How do you prevent hack from the client then? That's a huge problem here. Especially in a PvP game. If you don't have a solution here, you don't have a game, because hacking usually kills the fun out of the game. So well, not everything is beyond hope, but guys need to shrinks their dreams down and go back to the basics of playing and have fun playing. And fast!
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