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  1. My sincere thanks to NQ for their efforts to make this game. I think it has great potential, but wanted to give some candid feedback on my experience. I've been enjoying this game throughout the beta, mostly as a solo player who has focused on industry. I was starting to recruit players into my org and also belong to another org. I have a modest but capable factory (until now) where I have been making products such as lights, displays, doors, etc. and successfully selling them on the market. I invested the profits into crafting ships and expanding my base. I enjoyed the market and crafting very much until this update. (https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/748572194463940759/789842770884821022) Now my factory is nearly useless. I don't have enough talent points to access much of my industry and refineries, plus I would need to buy expensive schematics. What am I supposed to do with a factory full of machines I can't access? I can't earn credits other than mining, which is very tedious. Without credits, fuel and materials, I can't build or fly ships or build bases and factories. You haven't nudged me away from solo play (a direction I was already heading). Instead you have pushed me off the cliff. I tried to train using the talent points I had (a very tedious and obscure process) and ended up with a useless factory that I can't do anything with, ships I can't fly and nothing to do but mine. I could join a large org, but my vision of building up a smaller org and recruiting players is dead. I was very active in the market, now I can't make anything to sell. I will not be playing DU anymore, at least until the gameplay changes in such a way that solo players/small orgs can have a path other than endless grinding in the mines.
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