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  1. Alrighty Ladies and Gents, It is indeed that time again to state that Red Hat Systems is still indeed recruiting players who are wanting to make some extra spucks (space-bucks) from creating DPU's within the game. Any knowledge level is allowed, so long as you are willing to learn and have ideas to develop upon :D.

  2. "Ah. Got beaten to it again! The Aether wishes you the best, Solaris. We hope to see more of you in the future."

    Just to be clear, the affiliations page only lists who I could be trading with. (They will be customers)

    If a member of Aether wishes to use my services, that is still possible.

    Please let me know if you wish to be added to this list :)

  3. unknown.png



    The main goal of Solaris Industries is to create the best ships modifications that one can buy - Whether it be for a small fighting ship, or for a massive space station.



    Everyone has ideas, if your idea sounds like a good/profitable one, discussions will be held on whether or not this is feasible, and if so, how it can be expanded on further to make a profit.



    If an idea has been developed and sells well on the market, a designer would want to know how the money would be split.

    Here at Solaris Industries we only believe it is fair that the person who first came up with the idea gets 50% of the overall earning of the modification. The other 50% will be split around to the rest of the people in the organisation who worked on this specific modification. (depending on how much they contributed and so on.)



    While I am the founder of this organisation I believe that everyone is of equal worth, which is why everyone in this organisation will be valued as such.



    Band of Outlaws - Confirmed

    Red Hat Systems - Still in the works...


    Apply now!


  4. I was just rewatching the DevDiary about the ship building gameplay and noticed something that could make this part of the game a bit easier, and that this the mirror mode, where you can select to mirror what you are building from 1-3 dimensions.

    This way, you would only have to build one side of the ship, and not have to worry about the other side being asymmetrical (for all the people that actually care about that)


    What are peoples thoughts on an implementation like this?

  5. even better, volume limit. Like, you can't carry 2 miniguns, one rocket launcher, 40 missiles and a lollipop. We all know that backpacks can contain many things, but lollipops are topping them off :V

    but in a way, how is that different from weight limit? You've just change one unit to another unit?

  6. This has huge implications on game play, on one hand you could make it totally realistic you can only carry like 20kg of anything in your backpack. like in real life or you can go the minecraft route and be able to carry 300 million tones of gold if you fill every slot with a 64 stack of gold blocks.

    I think it would be better to have a weight limit on inventories, not something ridiculously small, (so that parts of a ship can be built) but at the same time, not something overly large that would defeat the purpose of the weight limit.

  7. he fixed your broken numbers, you used 4 twice so six is really 5 on your list, the peace idea....and I agree no way in hell.

    It isn't my list (because it isnt my thread) but i do see what you mean, so what he said as 7) is what i should have been replying to, my mistake haha.

    Regarding the actual #6 that Lethys said, I agree, this would be too easily exploited.

  8. 6) no. Just no. In a sandbox? No. Exploitable and very bad

    Isnt this classed as an MMO too? Surely there should be at least a little bit of customisation, even if it is just space suit colour scheme.

  9. I really like this idea, it could be used as a "backup" fuel source on smaller ships if the pilot accidentally decides to fuel up before leaving on a journey.

    Also, if drones are implemented into the game, with a small enough power consumption, they could be self fueled by these solar panels.

  10. While I think #1 would be the coolest, what you said about difficulties in navigation still hold true.

    For now I think the best option would be to have a station planet which just rotated on an axis, like what was said in #2.

    I feel that #3 isnt too dissimilar to #1, the only difference being that the star and planet have swapped locations.

  11. I agree with this, it would be a great idea, however the scope of the idea would be a rather large one, because, if you are flying around on a planet, wouldn't the gravitation field strength also have to be taken into account? (because of relative weight and mass of the ship ALONG with the weight and mass of any players on board(super nerd, ikr))

    This would mean that there would have to be a way for the game to recognise how many players are onboard a single ship, calculate their weight and masses (if they aren't all the same) and then do g-force calculations for a SINGLE ship. An I'm guessing there would be a lot of ships about.

    Unless I'm missing something really obvious, I think something like this would be a real strain on a server, especially as the devs are advertising it as "one big server".

    Plus, you would probably have to take in acceleration factor for each thruster on a ship.


    (I feel sorry for kinda destroying your idea, so I do say sorry, but I really would like to see how they handle this.)

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