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  1. The AC has grave concerns over intel received this last week of missions being introduced into the universe. There are several groups of shady organizations delivering contraband out of Feli to several surrounding planets.


    These shady organizations in question have been disguising dangerous shipments as mundane and routine ore and mineral shipments, such as scandium and chromium. Core Samples from these intercepted shipments are rumored to have been transported to the AC's home world where their best and brightest scientists will conduct further analysis. These materials can ABSOLUTELY not reach the hands of citizens for it could be devastating to the population!


    The AC has formed the largest fleet the universe has ever seen to combat this threat and stomp out illegal and dangerous activities. Effective immediately all vessels seen attempting to leave Feli must stop and submit to cargo inspection or be immediately disabled.


    All civilian traffic is warned that a convoy of AC haulers transporting valuable space fuel for these operations will be transported to the planet of feli at 3pm EST. This convey is being guarded by the AC fleet and unidentified vessels will not be allowed to approach.

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