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  1. If you think it's useless give it to me, I'll build something fun with it 😃
  2. If you repair a ship with scrap that had some elements that needed to be replaced, the ones that were replaced will not salvage anything. It works if you dismantle a ship that had 0 life parts, but not repairing with scrap.
  3. So it looks like if you have just logged in for the first time (here on the demo universe) and someone has shared a ship with you, you can't use it. You have to relog. Might also be because I skipped the tutorial, but I can fly my hovercraft fine. Hit this three times now.
  4. Fair point on the scrap and warp. Might have to actually get a repair unit =D My primary concern is that players should be more forewarned about just *how* accelerated the gameplay is. Also, I'm logged in on my main who definitely has a live account. Not sure what the restriction is mentioned? Maybe because I don't own it "on Steam"?
  5. I love this idea. I've heard the idea tossed around before of having an instanced location where we can build ships, and I think it would be very cool to have a zone where we can design ships and code and copy paste out code, and save blueprints.
  6. I asked this for the Ask Aphelia, which has yet to occur since I asked, so I'd like to re-iterate this question: Will the first monthly reward happen on September 30?
  7. I understand that realism isn't really a priority here, balance is. That is ok. But the mass change such that we no longer have any metallic honeycombs to work with purely for aesthetics without making our ships heavy as sin... I don't understand. As DJ Slicer said, at least give us aluminium, an already popular honeycomb for non-pvp use, back down to the ~25 territory. Or better yet, give us a metallic honeycomb in the decorative category, with extremely low weight, but no PvP viability. It's a pretty hefty hit to our ability to make fancy looking space ships, that look like space ships, and can still fly well. Unless you really want all of our ships built entirely out of wood, marble, and concrete? Don't get me wrong, I love that we have the *option* to use some of those fancier honeycombs purely for aesthetics now... But... Space ships should mostly be metal =D
  8. Check out Markee Dragon's store. I've bought a lot of game time there, I stocked up on about three years worth of subs across my alts before the cost went up a few months back.
  9. If you're looking at core BP's for some old DIA branches, Deckard said something in there about rights adjustments, and something about orgs that don't exist anymore. But regardless of that, I think he said that all core BP's will come, regardless of original designer. Though I suspect that DRM rules around making new Core BP's will still apply (though hopefully something is done about the old DIA ships, and anyone else who has core BP's where the OG designer is a non-existent org)
  10. That is possible now, though it can be a bit tricky to find them when you pick them, you'll need to get screenshots of the planet as you make the pick to share and coordinate.
  11. EDITED TO ADD: I just realized that people got beta keys who were not themselves backers, so I don't know how that factors in! (original message as follows) I posted this on the DUTT, but this includes what backer levels get what as stated in the video (I'm not a backer, so I don't know exactly what they mean) Advanced (1-3 months of sub time) - 1 mill talent points per month for 6 months at the end of each month. So 6 mill bonus points after 6 months. - 100,000 quanta in the same way. - Some new items - 5 small dynamic core schematics, to make some S-core ships right away Rare (4-12 months sub time + Iron, Bronze, Silver backers) - 2 mill talent points/month - 200,000 quanta/month - Some more new items - The 5 schems from above, + 5 M dynamic core schems Exotic (13+ months + Gold+ backers) - 3 mill talents/month - 400,000 quanta/month - Some more new items - All previous schematics + 5 L core schematics. This sub time includes time subbed pre-release that hasn't occurred yet. So personally my alt that I made 3 months back and pre-bought a year and a half on will get the top tier, even if launch happens next month.
  12. Not that I am aware of... But I imagine it will be total time even if it wasn't contiguous time.
  13. Thanks for letting us know the details. I am disappointed in the news but not terribly surprised. And it isn't as bad as it could have been. Sorry I'm not more positive, I am feeling a little disappointed that this is the way, but I understand and appreciate having the information at last.
  14. It makes absolute sense. The majority of people aren't willing to put decorative items in their ships because repairing them and lugging the weight around isn't worth having them. But it would be nice to have prettier ships.
  15. Ooof. Hope it's simple to get this set up for 4 different accounts =S
  16. Thanks for the feedback NQ-AntiGravitas! I think the new FTUE managed a good balance of guidance and freedom, I was really impressed with it, the few bugs notwithstanding!
  17. If a full wipe with some assistance for previous players is the route you want to go with. I would suggest this approach: 1) Assign a quanta value to every element, schematic, and material in the game, based on recent market values, or the value of their core components if no market data is present (like for some lesser used honeycombs) 2) Assign each entity (player and org) a quanta value based on the sum of all elements owned, be it on a construct or in a container, and the cost of all of the schematics in their industry, and their wallet. 3) Either give that quanta value to each of said entities, or map that value to a smaller range in some way (possibly on a normal curve?) so that those who have invested time and effort into preparing materials for launch have something proportional to show for it. In the end, there is no fair way to do a wipe, I'm still not really sure why you are even considering it. I presume it is to remove the whales before new players arrive, but that seems like a poor justification to me... But whatever the cause, we have all been working to varying degrees, for up to years to acquire the resources we have in this game... Making it all go up in smoke feels very dismissive to the effort players have put into the game. And everyone has approached it differently... Ship designers vs. factory workers vs. miners vs. mission runners have built up their wealth in different ways, and I feel like this is one of the fairest approaches to compensate everyone for their effort. Anyone who has material wealth will be compensated for it, to a degree, and the designers get to keep their blueprints. One of the problems I am really struggling with with all of the wipe discussions is that many of us are here actively playing to prepare for full launch, and right now it is completely unclear what actually moves us towards that goal. I personally feel a little listless regarding how to proceed when I don't know what I will get to actually keep... I have ship designs in progress (that I may no longer be able to build), mission running to do for quanta (that I may not keep), mining fields that could use expansion (to get ore that I may not keep), Lua projects I want to work on (which I get to keep... But don't help me progress as much on the other end)... And to cap it all off, if there is going to be a full wipe (except BP's), there's many things I can do to prepare for that too, once I know what that looks like. So... I guess, let me(/us) know?
  18. Juvenius Drakonius made this suggestion on the Discord: Can we get some kind of static URL to an image that we can upload a replacement for, or that we can use as a redirect to a different approved image? The idea is that we can do things like news banners or event notices where we just update the source image, and the screen code across the verse stays the same. So we could have people put a screen with a quick image on their ship to Juvenius's news site, and every time he uploads a new edition, he could just update the static link and everyone's screens would be updated. Or if AngryDad wanted to have an image that showed some details about a race night prize, or some upcoming event, or a running tally of how much money has been won in that death sphere thing of his, one link could always show the most up to date info. Seems like a good simple low-hanging fruit change that would give some cool abilities to spread information in game, and given that the images would still have to go through the approval process, it wouldn't be a bypass for the approval process.
  19. Even if player markets are too much to code in, if we had: 1) a Lua API for dispensers (activate/inactivate, set price/batch size, etc.), which also applied to... 2) Reverse dispensers (giving quanta in exchange for items) 3) An API for RDMS (less important than the first two, but still very good. Would allow us to have extra dispensers with auxiliary parts that unlock for players once they buy from one dispenser) That would basically allow the players to build our own markets very effectively. If we can't get player markets, at least getting that would really open the doors to better stable player run markets.
  20. Welcome welcome! Glad to have you on board, hope you enjoy being here with us!
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