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  1. So if I intentionally go out and blow up my containers and such to put it on it's last life to put on my hauler or pvp ship. That's not a low-key grief? Player's will do this to get a last laugh in PvP because they lost. It's as if they deleted the items while you were fighting them. Understand the griefing side of it yet? Knowing these elements are on there last life would also maybe make players risk them on a PvP ship right.... even if you don't force the last life. When you go to PvP with them and lose the other player loses their effort to obtain loot, not to just let it disappear like the player throwing it away themselves. What I'm refering to is anything that holds loot. Containers, Ammo Boxes, Fuel Tanks. This is what you are after when you PvP a ship. If their last life Adjustors, Brakes, Wings and what not break so be it. It's about containers that hold loot. I don't want to throw away my effort if I was to encounter a player like this.
  2. Easy. Surround last life containers around a core/seat with all your loot inside. Grief the PvP player that killed you low-key. I think you missed the point however, but it's great that if they had a last life container on their hauler and they crashed and lost it all to PvE right thats great! Helps the economy and so on ...but in PvP it's a low-key griefing mechanic, if containers are destroyed by a GUN in pvp and it was on it's last life, it should drop a loot bag. Again, only on the PvP side of things. Not PvE hauler bad piloting mishap risks.
  3. Yeah, thanks! My concern is.. what's going to stop people from just getting their containers to the last stage and putting them on a PvP ship or a hauler. It get's destroyed by me for instance, but it was their last life on the container and they had loads of loot, but now I can't access the spoils of battle. So everything they were hauling was as if the player deleted it himself. So I believe we need a loot bag for containers and fuel tanks for instance if it was destroyed by PvP... which can have a timer for when it disappears so we don't clutter up space. See where I'm going with this?
  4. - I would just use elements in PvP that are on Que to be destroyed promising that the victor in PvP would get nothing at all. No Loot for the victor. Unless I'm not understanding something correctly here. Will the PvP'er who kills you be able to loot the destroyed container on its last limb? It has to be destroyed or replaced... can you still view what's inside and get the loot still? If not, already an issue here. If you can't then containers, fuel tanks, etc. need to drop a bag O loot.
  5. Just an example picture of how it would work. Wouldn't have to be as complicated as the picture but you can get an idea. The Impulse reaction chamber could be the impulse drive itself (which provides the lift, adjustors, etc). The engine in the back would be the impulse engine which moves you. Generator provides the power to the impulse drive, which then powers the engine. So whatever the generator needs for power, would be the power supply for the impulse drive. They could add the other things in the picture to make it more complicated as well.
  6. Yeah, I had a friend who wanted that same wish. So I threw it on the forums for ideas for NQ. Would be awesome, if you make it rare it enough it wouldn't replace the current wings,adjustors and all that really. If it was harder to make than an xL gate, required way more materals, and you have to venture in PvP hot zone to obtain some of the higher Tier Ores. Would be a sought out item in the universe that's for sure. I feel it would help the game in other ways other than just having a better visual appearance on ships at a super high price. Economy, PvP Influences, ship builders would love it, money sink for game. Guess the only negative would be that you wouldn't want it to replace everything else in the game... that and a lot of dev work... also more thinkin about how it would be implemented, maybe I missed something that would be important.
  7. -(Expensive) and/or (Hard to Obtain) for more of a end-game item. Massive amounts of materials. Much higher than say the expanded gate xL. -Impulse drive would replace adjustors providing even full power to pitch,roll,yaw etc. -Impulse drive would replace the need for wings in atmospeheric planets and provide lift itself. - XS, S, M, L Impulse drive sizes for different various weight capacities. (Should not replace AGG infinte weight)(Smaller scale depending on impulse drive size). -Impulse drive would also provide some lower ground vertical boost without the need for the visualization of vert booster or needing one. -Would use the energy system soon to be implemented instead of current fuels. (Imagine the Energy system will need its own kind of fuel? So would use that?) -Impulse drives would work like a atmo/space engine so will need to be placed similarly. -Should have a core of some kind, of a secondary item it links to, to draw its power(instead of a fuel tank). Which would also power the lift, pitch, roll, yaw, vert boost of the ship. -Makes for a cleaner ship appearance potentially. -Would not replace current ships requiring adjustors, wings, vertical boosters. They are their own style people will still build those kind of ships. Also since it will be hard and expensive to make not everyone will have these impulse drives right away. -Benefits economy and ship makers who sell their designs. -Can't use AGG with an impulse drive. -Promotes people to take risks to obtain what is needed for it in PvP.
  8. Thanks! This image isn't mine, I found it after posting the idea. Not sure if they were able to actually do this with LUA and have a security system in their factory or not. I have zero LUA knowledge. Love to see this for ship to ship communications though.
  9. EZ Clap... now get it for ship to ship comms lol.
  10. -Add Camera to game that can link to a screen-Camera projects whatever it is facing-After Identifying a ship you have the option to open on-screen communication-Add Voice chat or Text communications via the screen
  11. Same goes for solo PvP'ers I can't use those bigger guns or radars as a solo player. So those guys with the bigger guns and radars will have the advantage over me. Doesn't matter if they have a XS ship or a Large core cubed ship. I'll never have an advantage using XS guns against these guys. Group play is the strongest. If you are just a solo hauler player its the same kind of situation.
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