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  1. Which is both great and sad. End of an era. I've used your tool so much. Really grateful for it. Thanks for making it. Of course who knows how long it will be until NQ puts the new tool out...
  2. I think this is a good implementation of shields. Not too complex, but gives the players more things to manage in combat. I'm not a big fan of this core combat stress stuff, especially how it scales with diminishing returns past a certain threshold. What if I want to make a super heavily armored dreadnaught? Without having tested the mechanic I can't opine comprehensively, but I hope NQ is taking into consideration the playerbase's desire to fulfill certain sci-fi tropes. We want all kinds of ships to be effective; fighters, corvettes, lightweight frigates and destroyers, battlecruisers, battleships, dreadnaughts, carriers, etc. Please keep that in mind. A PVP meta that trends toward one single type of ship will be boring.
  3. The purpose of a decorative element is to give players access to visual detail that the voxel system can't provide due to its limitations. But players often avoid using most decorative elements when designing a ship because they must be repaired after a crash. This is a pain in the ass. Solution: Please consider making decorative elements have no hp. They should be entirely a visual choice. They shouldn't interact with crash damage, burn damage, or pvp gunfire. Note, when I say decorative element, I mean any element that doesn't contribute to the capability of the ship; furniture, lights, pipes and cables, barriers, etc. Maybe even electronic elements(logic, switches). These elements add no forces or combat potential to a vessel, so making making them not interact with damage mechanics won't disrupt the balance of DU. An alternative solution would be to rework ship repair mechanics to be less tedious. Repairing many tiny elements shouldn't be a pain in the ass.
  4. Maybe in outer space, but in orbit around a planet I don't think jetpack will work. I need to find some more time to mess with that.
  5. Shouldn't be possible if they don't have docking permissions.
  6. New problems: 1. I undocked from a moving parent and ended up at zero kmh. Parent left me behind instantly. Don't know why I didn't inherit the parent's velocity. MIght be because I logged off and came back while flying? 2. After docking with a moving parent, I often teleport when exiting seat - sometimes ending up inside the parent ship, sometimes getting thrown off. 3. When trying to dock with an orbiting parent, after requesting dock, my relative velocity suddenly changes and I get pushed away from the parent. I tried to dock with an orbiting parent about ten times, each time approaching the deck at a gentle speed, only to get pushed away, and not by my vertical boosters. A nice additional feature to have would be the ability to parent children constructs while piloting an intended parent construct. Using this, we could pick up container packs or drop them.
  7. Brief story: On the PTS, I took off in my shuttle, landed it on my Mcore, right clicked on the Mcore while still in my pilots seat, and clicked dock to construct. Great right? No silly maneuver tool involved. You get out of the seat and it's docked tight. But here's the amazing part. I left Alioth in the Mcore, shuttle docked. Out in space, I entered the pilots seat of my shuttle while the Mcore was still moving at 5000kmh. I fully expected for both ships to explode. They didn't. The shuttle was teleported just outside the Mcore's docking sphere, behind it, our speeds matched, both ships still moving. I was able to maneuver around, accelerate, brake, all in the vicinity of the Mcore, with both ships traveling at 5000kmh, just as you would expect from real life physics. There was no jitter or teleporting. So I decided to try to re-dock to the Mcore again, fully expecting explosions. As I approached the ship, the docking sphere lit up yellow, indicating that I was not parented. Right click on Mcore, click dock, now parented. I landed on the deck, got out of seat, and the shuttle was docked. All while traveling at 5000kmh. I also undocked and redocked while ORBITING ALIOTH. There was only a slight bit of jitter when I landed back on the ship. Screenshot of me flying formation with my unattended Mcore while orbiting Alioth. NQ has done it. This all works way better than I anticipated. Carriers are fully viable now. PROBLEMS: The only problem I've experienced so far is the difficulty of getting into a docked child construct. If you jump, you might fly off the ship. If you enter build mode on the child, you might teleport off the ship. Best way I've found so far is to enter build mode on the parent and fly into the child, entering the pilot's seat while in still in build mode. This needs to be easier.
  8. So from where does this deviance originate? Was it a mistake in the creation of the original NRD voxel cube? Is it some strange bug in the game? Sorry I didn't show this very well. The second image is just a 'front' view of the bar displayed on the screen in the first image. The gray voxel there is the end of the bar. The red voxel is the end of another bar, offset in a different way so that they meet. The blue is a normal voxel. I was just visually comparing the end of the bar with the variance to another bar that had no variance so that you could better see the issue.
  9. Hey, thanks for this wonderful tool! It has revitalized my interest in building. I'm now able to produce almost whatever I want. Such as these badass catwalks/floor grates. However, I think I've run into a couple errors in the voxel stack. While trying to produce those catwalks, I discovered that some of my vertices weren't quite in the right place. For example, when trying to make this bar of the catwalk, two of the vertices appear to be at different heights. It doesn't seem to be a visual artifact, as the difference persists when I exit build mode. I'm rather clueless about how to go about repairing these apparent errors, so I thought I would bring it to your attention. I'm not sure which voxels are non-standard. Thanks again for your amazing work. I hope you have some insight into this weirdness.
  10. Glass voxels are listed on the Trello as a feature that should be implemented during beta. https://trello.com/c/18BRK0UK
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