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  1. le mieux à faire c'est de contacter le support , au passage vu que tu es alpha tu n'étais pas obligé de t'abonner pendant la bêta 🧐
  2. le mieux à faire c'est de positionner des voxels à la surface du terrain aux 4 coins , de les sélectionner et d'étendre la sélection au maximum puis de supprimer cette sélection, mais clairement il manque cette option de tout supprimer
  3. la fibre non mais au moins une bonne connexion ADSL , 11 Mb /s ou 1,4 Mo /s ça passe à part dans les zones surchargées , ça doit être mieux avec le top adsl je pense.
  4. I agree very excessive , a tax ok but not depends on size core ,1000 quantas is enough, maybe 5000 but not anymore
  5. It must be more easier to erase content of screen or controller without replace it , for example quick text and quick svg will be enable even on DRM screen , we have a lot of screens with information like "screw" , "coal" ..... and some with svg made by me based on logo of your guild , why have you DRM them without demand to us ? Well i disagree DRM in real life , not even as customer but also as creator and i disagree in game As creator i don't want DRM on my creation , i understand for others but you complicated life of anothers And yes RDMS will be enable writing for organization if they want , not only legate
  6. First please unlock Voxel lib made by players for another player . This was the best thing of the game
  7. but your logo seems easy to convert in svg
  8. you mean one of your upload bitmap ? i do it without any problem after mine validated , just paste url in quickimage textbox
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