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  1. @CoyoteNZ Thank you for the explanation. So is there any plan to improve on the element's workflow - not having them destroyed by the repair unit, but keeping in mind the overall allowable amount of repairs?
  2. taken from AppData\Local\NQ\DualUniverse\settings.yaml What are the performance relevant parts? Short question: what change will result in more fps? Any official idea? game: # Game settings soundMasterLevel: 37 soundMusicLevel: 46 soundSfxLevel: 32 soundEnvironmentLevel: 40 widthShipping: 3840 heightShipping: 2160 enableTerritoryBorders: true fullscreen: 2 useVolumetricClouds: false chatRooms: # List of opened chat rooms size: 1 diff: 0: room_help gui: # GUI settings inputReminder: visible: false mode: 1 quitDisplayMessageBox: false returnToLoginDisplayMessageBox: false BetaAndHealthDisclaimerMessageBox: false UISettings: "{\"globalMenu\":{\"isExpanded\":true},\"chatPanel\":{\"noLuaChanNotif\":true,\"noSupportChanNotif\":true,\"autoHideDelay\":0,\"lastOpenedChannelId\":\"0\"}}" marks: # Marks settings showMarks: false # Show or hide all non-mandatory marks servers: # Servers settings currentServerAddress: aws # current active server *** redacted *** system: # System settings cameraSettings: # Player camera settings znear: 0.1 # Near distance postSettings: # Post Process settings enableColorCorrection: false cameraEffect: Disable voxel: # Voxel settings concurrencyHint: 4 # How many voxel thread to use? -> cpu threads? The hints are to have a low count in here with faster single thread cpu clock. meshQualityFactor: 3 # Increase mesh split by this factor -> ?
  3. @NQ-Naerais Case in point From project management side I would emphasize on this topic very strongly. Having the bugs visible is such an important topic for avoiding unneccessary busy work on all ends and keeps up the communication / information to the player. Having the PTS bug posts shouldn't be the way to go imho. Just use JIRA or any other bugtracker - not the current solution with the submission. Feedback: I am very much in favor of keeping the play informed regularely, just as with the proper support improvements and all the other official info in the last couple of days.
  4. You are welcome. It was a very obvious finding - that's why I want to avoid double work. So now I am stuck on Madis because of this - help ?
  5. check, I am aware of the core units limitation. So regarding territory it is now only a question of monies / production of the unit.
  6. How may I have a search-able talent tree? I want to check for some keywords, like "territory" to check for potential limitations as to how many TUs can be placed at the same time.
  7. Thank you for the fast replys. Is there a limit as to how many tiles 1 avatar can claim at the same time?
  8. How do the ingame "repair units" work?
  9. Where do I need to put the Territory Unit? At the bottom of the water area? Can a ship go underwater?
  10. It sound's too fantastic having the 1 click experience - when I saw the diy space elevators in DU I came to think of other buildings / factories. Above mentioned examples are not 100% immersive. I am just impressed.
  11. @NQ-Naerais just for feedback: After having submitted the bug ticket I have received a notification of the submission from @NQ-Rubicon in less than 6 hours. Thumbs up
  12. +1 for voicechat with a well implementation Being a "niche" game in itself I for myself do not want to rely for 3rd party tools. I can understand during Beta that given their existence means spending dev time on other tasks. However this is the question: what is the sand box all about? Players will find a way around problems ingame using other tools.
  13. What needs to be implemented to have Beta status of DU end and have release? And if there should be a wipe: Will everything be gone? Or may one keep blueprints of the investment made mostly in terms of time? This is why I am kind of fence-sitting now, not spending too much time in-game.
  14. Thank you both for clarification. I will then use the tool provided for the moment. @NQ-Naerais A suggestion: Have the bugs publicly visible and upvote-able by the community. I could - if i may - point to something available at the Star Citizen system. The upside: No redundant busy work for NQ - avoid duplicates wasting time on both sides. And the social aspect: players are informed about what is a known issue. Upvoting should give NQ a better idea of what is most urgent to be fixed - in an automatic way. Harness the power of many
  15. Well, that's the thing for me about Discord: DU does not have NPCs by design. So all the interaction is to take place between human beings. I found the community very helpful when asked. It is more the question of playstyle and immersion - Fedex-ing default deliveries would save some time. I do wonder: How will the transport of items take place, let's say: I am buying something remotely at the market and want this to be collected and delivered. Is this possible as of now? Or do you refer to the deliverer having to own the items in question first and then selling them with a delivery fee?
  16. I found https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I want to report a reproduceable issue with the surrogate session. Before submitting I wanted to search in above mentioned page if this issue has already been reported, but the search result came up blank.
  17. I am wondering if NQ has an internal tool for mapping all the different cores in the whole universe. Would be cool to see this in action.
  18. I can't find any suggestion regarding the interdiction here https://upvote.dualuniverse.game Feel free to add one - somehow I am not able to do on that page myself.
  19. How to add a feature / comment on https://upvote.dualuniverse.game ? I do not see anything in the UI for doing so. I am using Firefox browser.
  20. @NQ-Naerais So now I found the info where the find the location next to the Ark Ship on Alioth. How about a marker on the in game map? And honestly: How is the technology behind DU in it's current form ever to take care of a player increase? If it is already not dealing well with the current situation? A friend of mine, whom I introduced into the game, has way more experience than me with MMO's. The first thing he pointed out was exactly this: have 1.000 players in one area and check the performance. Is this always re-inventing the wheel? Given today's systems / machines what is the big problem here? Star Citizen hasn't got it yet. @Seijuro Sounds like "Salvage" to me regarding the clutter "solution": https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/116121/garbage-collecting-and-scavenging-gameplay
  21. Will there ever be an option to not have an Avatar taking care of repair and refuel? For me this is always not fun having to do that using an avatar. This idea is more for stranded ships. Have a "beam" or something like this take care of the repair and refuel, together with a payment option. There is this other topic of rest stops:
  22. Hello, a large shout out and thank you to @PurplePanda for taking the time of compiling the list. Asked in a friendly way: What is the advantage / usp of DU given this plethora of alternatives? For me DU was: the promise of freedom / sandbox character LUA support the promise of a single shard experience paired with good performance the scale of player constructions, Space, Ships, Ground no NPCs promise of player driven markets currently on the downside: the look and feel of space combat is ugly beyond belief compared to the competition schematics in it's current form performance is bad general lack of development progress communication with the community
  23. I would consider spending more time ingame if I could offer jobs to have ressources / items delivered to a place of my choice. Having to taxi to the markets and back is not what I want as a playstyle. Is there any schedule regarding the ingame mission system?
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