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  1. I saw one when I visited a space elevator via surrogate
  2. Oh that's really helpful, thanks for sharing your solution to a Problem I didn't know I had, I thought it was some kind of FOV mechanic.
  3. Yep people currently selling ships via dispensers only sell the mats and give BP's away for free, though I have to say they still sell very well.
  4. Shift drag works for me just fine in market containers, just hold shift while you drag it into your inventory
  5. Don't have access to the game right now, but can we link refineries and read the "amount in Output container"? Wanted to try that out all the last days and keep forgetting it... Edit: damn not really... Could though set up a machine with maintain at just the cutoff point you want to check and read its state though. Also for people asking for Lua resource, you can find it in-game or on https://dual.sh/codex/
  6. Do the atmospheric radars even work right now? Never got to see anything with them.
  7. It's more like "quantitive easing", also considering there are NPC sellers it would be quite bad to not inject new money into the game (considering that buy prices of NPCs are laughingly low and most people propably won't sell to them) And knowing that you will get new money every day let's you spend more of it instead of hoarding it, I'd wager that's the reason the market works so good and makes above people so much money in the first place and we are not really at risk of inflation as long as the industry still expands
  8. edit: I am stupid and misunderstood what you script is supposed to do. Thanks for sharing anyway!
  9. Just add an passive radar/make it part of the standard radar and let it locate (not lock) other radars up to double their maximum range (as it's only one-way), this makes people visible once they activate their weapons or if they want to find prey from long ranges, otherwise they need to count on their own passive radar and hope the enemy has theirs active. This would give more tactical choices and also mean that sensible freighters would leave theirs off while potential guard ships want to scan for hidden pirates.
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