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  1. I have mined a couple hundred thousand Rhodonite myself on Ion and for anybody else mining a million or more T5 I am not impressed, I am horrified.  I just feel bad for them.  T5 is cancer to mine (even at max skills).  I wish I could get those hours I spent on Rhodonite back.  I didnt even use but a few thousand of it in industry, the rest is sitting in a box.  I cant even bring myself to sell any of it because of how long it took to mine each and every bit and it makes selling it for ~300 quanta a liter seem like sacrilege.  I would rather have it sit in a box of pain than sell it to some dude in a market who does not appreciate the pain it took to mine that horrible stuff.  Just horrible.  


    I will NEVER mine it again. Thankfully I now probably never need to.

  2. 1 hour ago, michaelk said:

    Great...completely agree! 


    Just...next time maybe stop before becoming super angry and calling people dog shit...? 



    Awww but it's entertaining watching him have a meltdown over a comment that diverges from his playstyle.  Look he's got over 150 internet points, let him have this.  He probably NEEDS this.  I say let him shitpost.

  3. 16 minutes ago, JohnnyTazer said:

    I'm just explaining current mechanics to you. Because you post very opinionated things and you dont even know the mechanics of the game you are playing, and you yourself admitted to never being shot at, yet you call for 25% damage reduction.  In what world does that make sense? Why would anyone listen to you when you have zero experience? In your delusional state, do you think a dev is gonna read your post and go  "wow, this guy is giving valuable feedback even tho he hasn't tested our mechanics, we better listen and reduce damage to and exact percentage he suggests".


    Can you give us your incredibly experienced play by play of pvp in the current seat from your viewpoint?  Tell us how the grand combat is playing out then.  Your take and opinion from one who has taken so many kills in the game lately.  

  4. 7 minutes ago, Mordgier said:



    But from my perspective that's entirely expected right now given the optional and pointless nature of pvp areas.


    Realistically years from now as the game is fleshed out and the concept of territory control becomes an actual thing instead of a 'vision' - then yeah the pvp guild may actually have a reason to exist and do stuff.


    Regardless of how you feel about PvP, you have to understand that it MUST exist and it MUST be active in this game for the game to survive. PvP is pretty much the only resource sink in the game. Without it, everything you produce is worthless as everyone gets fat and bloated on resources and ships that they don't lose.

    100% agree.

  5. 2 minutes ago, JohnnyTazer said:

    Are you aware you can get to any planet, and any ore right now completely side stepping pvp? People have to willingly go into the pvp zone,, which you don't need to. That must have went over your head didnt jt?


    Wow you poor thing, you might run outa people to shoot lol.  So the only thing to pvp right now are the people too stupid to avoid pvp zones and too broke to afford a warp drive?  Geez the top pvp guilds must be seriously bored.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Mordgier said:

    PvP needs lots and lots of balancing work -  but even currently it's entirely optional and avoidable. So the posts asking for more and more and more safe zones and so forth make no sense to me.


    They make as little sense as the post of people asking for safe zones to be removed entirely right now or for T3 ore to removed from the safe zones right now.  Its just laughable.  Are they honestly running out of people to shoot?  Is pvp that dead right now?

  7. 5 minutes ago, Mordgier said:

    Wow that's a lot of pure sodium - are you selling any of it by chance?


    Weird to think that if you fly a hauler into a pvp zone that it gets killed. I just can't believe it!


    Actually I havent even been shot at yet.  But I refuse to be a piñata for somebodies free loot.  Rather actually last longer than the blink of an eye when I bother going into pvp zones some day.  How is one shotting cargo ships over and over even fun for you?  Honestly I just don't get it.  "oh look free loot, PULL!" *Railgun Goes Boom*

  8. 3 minutes ago, Moosegun said:

    Unconsensual pvp in this game DOES NOT EXSIST at the moment, 


    As it currently stands it is not really pvp at all.  There is no fight.  You target somebody, fire your railgun and go collect free stuff.  If they have a armor cube you probably have to fire a few more times and they might figure out they are under attack.   I'm amazed any of you have fun with this honestly.

  9. 2 minutes ago, JohnnyTazer said:

    Eve has been around 18 years with this exact scenario you described.  What's laughable is you.  Your personal ideals on pvp arent the devs. In eve people grind months/years for supers/titans and get ganked moving them through dangerous areas solo.  To me it looks like you backed the wrong game.  But your attitude is pure dog shit, and I question your IQ. Main reason is because YOU have bias or feelings about how a game should be played and project that in a way you think everyone should feel. I personally hate games like fortnight or MMOs like WoW. But I understand people have different tastes then me. I understand why people play them, and I'm glad those people have those options. People like ME want games like this, even If they arent as popular.  I'll say this again. 



    Just a wee bit of rage issues with you, maybe take some deep breaths and ease off the caps lock during your rant sessions.  I get the feeling your one of the guys calling for the "safe spaces" to be removed so everybody has to hide out on sanctuary to make free ships for you to loot when they try to leave.  Hey man, good luck with that ?.  No really, have fun with your blockade.

  10. At first I wanted to have fun in ship to ship combat some day in this game.  Build my own ship, join my guildmates and fight other guilds for "whatever" reasons.  I realize that is simply not going to happen in this game.


    Then my friend and I wanted a nice medium core cargo ship to make hauling to and from outside planets possible, something to get 2 or 3 large containers of ore back to home.  So we built a S core cargo ship.  It took a friggin week.  A week of mining, building, voxelmancy training, trial and error.  A friggin week just to get a basic interplanetary 2 medium container carrying, S core sized cargo ship going.  I'm quite proud of it, but we are ready to hit planets in the outskirts for ore.  Then the reports come in from the guild mates.  What we were afraid of hearing.  Gankers.  You fly into certain areas (wont mention which ones) and you get killed before you even notice anything.  One shotted in some cases.  Fly into the wrong neighborhood and somebody takes you out before you can even blink or react. 

    So thats pvp in this game?  You people really call that pvp?  With a straight face? Really?

    I just spent a ********** week on that ship.  I'm going to have to fly out to pvp zones and now i'm going to get 1 shotted by a xs core murder cube and all that stuff is going to get taken apart and sold on the market.  And then I would be expected to spend another week, mining and scraping by to build another S core ship to try again.


    Are you people out of your god damn minds?  This is laughable if you think people will pay to continue doing this.

  11. 12 minutes ago, JohnnyTazer said:

    Then this game isnt for you.

    Said no game company in history.  The game will be designed around those who buy a monthly subscription.  If it turns out to be people who avoid PVP like the plague, expect a lot more safe zones.  If the majority of players play solo or with a small group of friends, expect the game to develop around that.  Even if it cost others a bit of fun in the process.  This isn't an avant garde art project, this is a business.


    Gankers and Griefers can make things interesting and add danger to a game that is mostly without active chaotic content (other than bugs).  But they are a extreme minority of the purchasing players.  Give them too much leeway and this game will be deader than Rubies of Eventide.


    There is NO PVE other than fighting the laws of physics to get from planet to planet.  Period.  I doubt they could add a PVE element to the game even if they had any interest to.  So this game has to have a PVP aspect, there is no way around that or we will simply run out of content, quickly.  But it is a balancing act, and not an easy one.


    4 hours ago, Biglulu said:

    Adding voxels to make it look like a nice "proper ship" just adds unnecessary weight. If you want to get the most efficient cargo ship, just make it a flying container.

    Yea most people avoid voxels due to the weight and that they serve no purpose other than aesthetics.  At least until you get shot at.


    I just like a bit of style with my function.

  13. 5 minutes ago, MadmanMac said:

    Ted Striker Sweating - Airplane GIF - Sweat Sweating Sweaty GIFs


    I have it on good authority the above is the lone Dev tasked with dealing with the plethora of incoming support tickets. But rest assured, he is thanking you for your patience.


    Please fix crashing before I lose my only ship on some planet somewhere.

  14. The pre-made startup ships are NOT cheap unless you have been saving up for a few days.


    I actually have a ship with 4 passenger seats and have flirted with the idea of giving people lifts, but.... flying is not 100% safe, especially with passengers.  Atmospheric fuel is relatively cheap to make but not so cheap to buy always.  Space fuel is not cheap and it can take a lot to go planet hopping.  In game I wouldnt fly people around for kicks but for the cost of a tank or two of Nitro/Kerg gas I would probably consider it.


    But like I said its risky and a lot riskier with passengers since you cant do the same tricks with a group that you can do alone to stay safe.  The problem with learning to fly effectively in this game with the ship you have built is it takes a bit of practice.  Practice cost fuel.  Fuel cost money or a bit of time.  Last thing me or you wanna do is be heading to a moon and slam into the atmosphere at 20,000+kph while my brakes are screaming "too late sucker".  

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