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  1. 2 hours ago, Holylifton said:

    What do you think things will look like in one/two/three years from now?

    I one 1/2/3 months form now I think we will have mostly forgotten about all of this.  So don't let it get to you and just look beyond this idea. 


    The only important thing from DU is the connections you have made while you were here.  Fortify them and move beyond the game itself.  Because while the connections are real to the people you met, the game doesnt exist, never has and very likely never will.  It was always just a collection of ones and zeros imprinted in magnetism, and before you know it....it won't even be that.


    It is almost time to let go,  you will be ok.  There's always another beta. 



  2. 13 minutes ago, fiddlybits said:

    It will be interesting to see what solution NQ comes up with.

    Well judging by the cricket noises we are hearing lately, it is not a good sign.


    A player base and a game company are in a simple relationship.  Like any relationship, communication is the most important factor to keeping that relationship stable and long lasting.  For the last few weeks, communication has been one way only.    This is usually the point where at least one of the partners starts looking around for other relationships.....

  3. Last in game protest I can remember actively participating was the dragon tamer protest in UO.  It was after a giant nerf hammer was dropped and they took away the taming of a few critters (pvpers kept getting wrecked when they attacked a handful of tamers in the wild) so they made tamed white wyrms get nerfed when tamed and other stuff.   So we led a whole bunch of critters to the Brittania city bank, brought the server to a stand still from all the critters.  Eventually some GM had enough and summoned guard npc's to lay waste to every critter in the area and that was that.


    I think the big problem with protesting in DU right now is......who would see it?

  4. 14 hours ago, EasternGamer said:

    Not sure if it was stated elsewhere, but to commence territory warfare, you might need to declare war. After that, a timer(one, two or more days long) will count down so people should have time to prepare to defend the territory.


    For defense of structures, sure.  Anybody building in non-pvp space (madis, thades, alioth) should be safe and anybody building on Ion or elsewhere kinda knew what they were getting into.  But for meganodes that are TU'd?  Pointless to have a 24 hour timer.  It would have to be instant.  And if we knew a patch was coming with instant all the time pvp attacks was coming to the fringe planets then the patch would almost be pointless. I have a mind boggling amount of claimed tiles across the planets in pvp space,  all with T1-T5 meganodes,  give us more than a few days warning that such a patch was on the way and we would extract the vast majority of those resources into safe space (lol if people bothered to log in for such an event, which they might for the challenge).  If you allowed only warfare to be declared on those tiles with a 24 hour timer then those tiles would more easily be cleared out during the timer as they are declared war on.  They would be claiming worthless tiles with a TU on it and a sign with a ascii middle finger on it.  Any warning or timer on resource tiles would be meaningless (assuming people are playing).  A decent mining team can clear out a meganode within a few hours.

  5. 2 hours ago, GraXXoR said:

    This is  a six hex area.... Just on the corner of the sharp kink in the road -centre frame- is Madis Market Place 3... It looks absolutely tiny compared to what we're building... It's fun when multiple orgs get together, share resources and collaborate... almost feels civilised. ?


    Yea it was really coming together around Market 3.  I was amazed at what our city builders at MTI and the great guys over at NovaX around Market 3 were doing and how it was coming together.  You probably would not believe how much resources we dumped into the project and set aside for future usage.


    But, tumbleweeds lately.  The blame for this falls solely on NQ, period.  I really hope they can pull out of this, but its a shallow well of hope.

  6. 10 minutes ago, JohnnyTazer said:

    You know someone attacking a territory in a pvp zone specifically built for territory warfare isn't a "griefer". I swear to fucking christ the dumbest mother fuckers come to these forums.


    I agree with the first part.  But we need all the people we can get to show up on the forums at this point.  Place is turning into a ghost town.

  7. In our guild's DU channel we have discussed Atmospheric Warfare and "what may happen" almost every week (except lately for obvious reason).   Occasionally we fret about it but mostly we realize it would affect us very little.  MTI is not a pvp org.  We are mining and production org and we are incredibly good at it.  About the only thing that would change for us is instead of leaving ships on the surface as we extract meganodes we would have to come up with a more discrete extraction method.


    But honestly, judging by how things look likely....I wonder if the game will even get to patch .25 at this rate.  I log in about every day for a bit and we are noticing tumbleweeds.

  8. 9 hours ago, GraXXoR said:

    I just found out there are XL containers.. and moreover an extended XL container.
    Was that introduced with triangle glass?


    The thing is twice as high, long and wide as an XL container...

    Why is it so big and heavy though? so inefficient. Just doesn't make any sense at all.  (except if you need 10 of them connected to  a hub !! O_O)

    Now all we need are XS space tanks and the game is complete ?



    Yea our Logistics Legate mass produces those things and we all hated that they were not as good as they should have been.  They still get used pretty extensively on the bigger cargo ships to get past the element restrictions (its a nasty element wall that makes you pay dearly).  100+ XL-cargo containers will at least let us get 2 frames per second on the large cargo ships.  200+ L-cargo containers on a 30,000kph L core ship....*shudder*, pretty sure we would kill the server.  More than we already do I mean.

  9. 5 hours ago, JohnnyTazer said:

    There are supposedly NPC missions. To haul made up shit.


    4 hours ago, GraXXoR said:

    And that shit disappears from the economy into the aether never to be seen again... just like the hideous ore bots sucking the economy dry right now.


    Oh geez, I thought it was just a glorified craigslist system from what I heard from some of the test server players.  But expanding the "NPC's" is a different issue entirely.   Says a lot about the state of the game economy.

  10. 1 hour ago, Musclethorpe said:

    There are currently hauling missions on the PTS that will be included in .24. Very basic, take cargo from X market to Y market. 

    You left out the part where you have to actually get paid by the person who posted the mission and that everything is done on the honor system.



    This can't possibly go wrong.

  11. 1 hour ago, BlindingBright said:

    I just turned on auto-renew yesterday to keep supporting the game, then instantly turned it off. Without telling me or prompting me the game charged my account for a year of service... when  I originally signed up for 3 months. Fairly sure that's not legal.... but I won't touch the legal aspects because that seams to be the only reason any thread on the forums gets closed.

    Thats seriously messed up.

  12. 9 hours ago, Aaron Cain said:

    Tabula Rasa was more active then DU is and i think only a small hand of people here even remember it ever existed.

    Now that is  a blast from the past.  Curious to see if DU fares better than that.  NC, NQ.  Shudder to even consider the parallels.  But J.C is no Lord British by any stretch of the imagination.  

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