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  1. Dear NQ, Please read this and take it as constructive criticism and possible enhancements to a wonderful game Basically as the title says, the amount of player constructs at the core markets is killing the game Core markets are core to the game. Without them, the game is meaningless and this problem is causing serious issues. Issues 1. Frame rates drop massively 2. I have 8GB GFX RAM and after 5 mins at a market crash due to lack of video ram and slow frame rates 3. This is getting worse and worse as each day passes Reasons 1. Players are allowed to leave constructs at markets for weeks on end. Eg Alioth D1 market there is a massive ship crashed on the edge of the landing pad that has been there for 2+ weeks 2. Players are allowed to set down dynamic constructs and build anything they want and clutter the area. Just look at the constructs around these areas. Yes this is good player interaction with the game, but not possible all on one hex. Solutions 1. Remove any construct that has been at a market place hex for more than 72 hours and place it back at the players Sanctuary or Alioth hex (I am sure you can work out a good solution to location) 2. Don't allow players to construct on a with 2 hex's of a market hex. This will allow players to play the game, be industrious, but not all in one hex, but in the surrounding areas. Very simple solutions as this is rapidly becoming a problem. Thank you are a very addictive game and I hope you read this and take it as a complement and constructive feedback as I intend it to be Cat
  2. A couple of questions on warp drives if you don't mind as thinking of setting one up 1. Do I need to place a warp beacon at my planned destination 1st or are there default destinations all ready in place for planets ? 2. How do warp cores function ? Are they placed into the warp drive or in your inventory and how are they refuelled during flight ? Thanks
  3. Thanks all for the replies and good information. I have only been part of DU since the start of the beta and it is very much a love / worry relationship so far especially where solo players are concerned.
  4. Would building my base underground serve to help protect me ?
  5. If this happens, let the ship fall to about 200m and then hit ALT F4 to immediately disconnect from the game. You will then spawn on the ship and it will be at zero momentum and when you pilot it will start falling again. Rinse and repeat and if you are good enough, the ship will fall at much lower speeds on the ground and hovers will protect a little. This saves a dead ship Yes this is a cheat using ALT F4, but in my eyes justifiable due to the server crashes and network timeouts during beta.
  6. I am sure this will concern a few and I was wondering if there is any insight in to this. If you move away from Sanctuary (as I am now doing), as a SOLO player, how do I protect myself against base attack ? I know some of this has not been put into the beta yet, but I am trying to think ahead to protect myself as a solo player. If it build a base, what is there to stop players from attacking it whilst I am offline and even if I am online, how would I protect it ? This is something that NQ need to be very careful of, otherwise any aspect of SOLO play will be killed off. I understand that PvP is a big part of NQ's design, but there does need to be some checks and balances for those not willing or having the time to be part of an organization Anyone have any thoughts or inside / know knowledge of this ?
  7. For small batches, use your Nanopack. The honeycomb refinery is pretty much redundant at the moment.
  8. Thanks The last update reset all of the surface of planets and as a result all of the terraforming etc that was done was removed leaving a lot of buildings partially underground.
  9. The game has not got good optimization at this stage. I am running a top end rig and get all the issues that everyone else is complaining about. Hopefully before the game goes live, they will go about some game / graphics / loading optimizations.
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