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  1. This post started very well, and until i got down to the 2nd half and it became an attack on JC you had some real good suggestions, and another one after the rant. try to be less emotionally involved yeah, it's just a game. but some very good suggestions nonetheless.
  2. @NQ-Naunet Wading through all the opinions here must be hard work !! especially when many opinions ( Valid or not ) are written with toxicity and anger, rather than understanding and working with NQ through the changes ( More changes will come ! this is not the end of the road folks ) Here is a list of some of the valid questions i have seen here so far for easier reading. *What do you consider a high prices scheme btw? *Sounds good but will you address the DRM issues? We need our voxel libraries back please? *When will schematic prices drop? *Recycling of un-restorable element
  3. Recycling of un-restorable elements through a recycler that will take an element as input and grant a small amount of the schematics required components as output. How will this work ? Will you need a specific tier recycler to recycle corresponding tiered elements ?
  4. Well i see lots of negative reactions to the impending changes !!! , However, i experience very few performance issues with lag or disconnects ( even around the markets & districts on Alioth ) so don't have any problems with the intended changes. we never miss used the manoeuvre tool in the first place, so no grievance there, waiting 3 mins to move a construct a further 50m isn't the end of the world ( time management ) and in the case of docking ships, players should be using their piloting skills for 95% of the task anyway. I think the system of continued momentum from disconn
  5. Hello Space travellers from Afar, My name is SpaceBader inspired by the Great Douglas Bader RAF fighter pilot, who achieved amazing success in WW2 even after losing both of his legs in a flying accident. a great testament that proves even in the worst times of age, with support, encouragement and the will to succeed impossible goals can be reached and conquered. Arkadia - Arkadia is a multi cultural very diverse mature gaming guild with gamers from across globe playing many different MMO's together. with over 1600 community members in our discord there is always someone playing som
  6. Thank you, unfortunately i'm still seeing the error message when using this link.
  7. Can i get on it too please
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