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  1. Yea, that is also one of the options
  2. A little bump to see if anyone else have any thoughts
  3. Yea, that was my thought aswell, like replace the old core with the bigger one
  4. Hello, So I have ran into the problem that my current static core isn't big enough anymore, and found out that you can't upgrade the core without destroying the whole building. Why not make it possible to upgrade the static core in some way, so you can have the bigger building radius that comes with it? The ways to get this to work (feel free to add them): -A option in the right click to upgrade the core, this would replace the core with the bigger core -Making so you can link more then 1 core into 1 building area, this wold work so you can expand the build space with more cores, while still needing the cores themselfs -A option to parent/child the cores giving the main core a bigger building area. -Letting us destroy a core and some sort of timer starts where you can place down another static core before the building is destroyed/availible for salvage Let me know what you think. Grey
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