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  1. Imagine 4 people wanting to do missions together... 180k max per mission? nah, let's check special missions... 1st person special list: 2nd person special list: 3rd person special list: 4th person special list: How? How can we play in group for missions? How can we create content around this? How can we setup something with a full random and tiny list? Stop thinking a feature is fine just because you ruined it, lazy to balance it. It's a MMO, focus on that, give us efficient mutlicrew ship, missions, delete all T4+ from MU for force players to group up on roids for farm them... We need content, not passiv content where we have to travel 100 times the same classic mission for less than 18M per players, or doing 700SU at 20k for 1 package... or just log in for our MU and log out tired of always doing the same thing.
  2. Gamma fight was a great fight because some people organize it during a long time, trap us on another core etc… The fight, technically, was a big mess without transponder (the bug we have to deal with) and the current meta is also boring. It’s like playing rugby under rain, you can have a good match with a good team even if the ground is poorly maintained and is only mud. In all case we still got 0 news from NQ and we have to wait, whatever we do they actually nocare.
  3. @NQ-Admin Hi, it's important. Can you put all the alien core in pause (production/lockdown) until PVP was fix? (Radar + Transponder + Anynewbug) We can't fight in good conditions, we can't have fun or enjoy this content (and it's the only PVP available atm) and with the wipe no decision + all those PVP bugs, we just lost all our motivation. Do something, don't be passiv, thx.
  4. I will not let you die, my little topic, until NQ made those changes!
  5. To explain again: Plasma is not in definitive Legion territory, we can be challenged as seen this weekend. Legion has decided by mutual agreement to prioritize its members before any sale, and this for a period that concerns only us. If one day plasma arrives on the markets, what is the point of coming to challenge us? Will the risk always be worth it? Or are we going to give our enemies a reason to not come and therefore end our own reason to play/gameplay? Stop thinking only about you when you blame other players, they maybe got their reasons. Roll up your sleeves, motivate friends/allies and join those who fight us!
  6. The main thing is the fight itself and all that it required in logistics on both sides, the final count doesn't matter as long as everyone had fun and people learned about PVP.
  7. Initial post edited with Sleim22 video btw if you missed it
  8. Monopolize alien core, without any alliance or without selling plasma, is the best choice we have to force all other orgs/alliance to group up and fight us. We don't want so many ressources or monopolize them for quantas, we want PVP content. Asteroids are broken now with MU, you can't find a fleet fight on them (no interest), piracy is a small group activity and dead too... So... We just got alien core ressources for allow us to find this content and create those opportunity for both side. Any other core was claimed btw, I can understand that people fear Legion with with all the legends that some created around our number, but I'm sure it's possible.
  9. Yep, major problems during this encounter was: Transponder didn’t works, radar sometimes shutdown, desync in close/mid range and that’s all, from my side I still hope they add colored icons and make the icons/range of our target more visible when there are 20+ grouped in the same place in 3rd person
  10. Thanks for your feedback, Actually the alien core system is clearly too easy for attackers, as you said, you are all in place before us, you can all focus the shield and core it and you will just need to hold 10 minutes, exact same time for a combat lock who block our warp too. Keeping us stuck on another core is smart and this clearly supports the above argument. In addition, if the only possibility to win was to burst down the core, repair it and the shield was instant up... That removes all the interest of the PVP fight, just burst down the shield and even if the defender is prepared he will never be able to defend the core, because the game does not allow you to prevent a shot, so everything will be played on a lot of afk people next to the core waiting to fix it, really not enviable as gameplay. About the alien core production during a lockdown... It can't be different actually, without a lockdown free timer after a lockdown, you can chain them and totally cancel their production in your case.
  11. With the Athena update we decided to hold 3-4 alien cores, the goal being to test our ability to defend multiple cores. The harsh reality of alien cores In response, our enemies have put our cores in lockdown ~fifteen times, sometimes 4 on the same day, forcing us to organize ourselves well to allow everyone to come home from work, eat, take care of their family or simply rest. For having a minimum number of people at the end of each lockdown, just in case. The ends of lockdown follow one another and still nothing on radars, the regularity required by this feature prevents us from pirating on asteroids or pipes as we did before, but the various changes have not reinforced either the interest of them, the motivation is therefore less and less perceptible and it becomes a chore to come and defend... So we come to this evening of May 21, 4 cores are in lockdown; Gamma, Theta, Iota and Zeta Theta and Gamma are respectively under siege at 18:24 UTC and 18:56 UTC, knowing that it takes 20 minutes to secure a core without enemies, the timing is tight but nothing can tell at this moment that our enemies will take advantage of it... A well thought out plan 18:36 UTC, Theta in siege but without contacts, when suddenly the announcement falls: "CONTACT ON THETA" 10 to 15 ships on radars, the fight is easily managed but a large part of our fleet is therefore in combat lock for the next 10 minutes, preventing warp, and an attack on Gamma begins to grow in our heads. Taking advantage of the combat lock to loot some of the enemy ships, meanwhile another group forms, alerted by the first attack and start moving in direction of Gamma. 18:58 UTC, Gamma in siege and the dreaded announcement drops: "24 CONTACTS ON GAMMA" We are all surprised and at the same time excited, @here and @everyone appears on the various discords to call Legion for mobilization, we've been waiting for this moment for a long time, impossible to miss it! We get together in voice, we regroup in the same place in game and we jump into the fray. Focus announcements follow one another, but more surprisingly, there are not 24 contacts but 50... 70... 100... (we reached 150 contacts on the radar at one point, allies and enemies). Several ships are dummys, but the enemy is really numerous, we will have to be disciplined and use our experience in PVP but also as a group. The confrontation was complex, the previous patch broke the radars and transponders, impossible to sort the contacts on the radar and even less those who change their name like ours (our entire fleet bore the name "WONDU" on its ships), but LUA scripts save us and maintain some semblance of order in this nameless mess. The station sees its shield descend little by little, an alt left on it allows us to follow it live, protecting the core is impossible without killing all our enemies, it must get out of the 10 minutes of combat lock to recharge its shield. It ends up being core, we manage to regain control, the core itself is not enough, we have to hold these 10 minutes. Unfortunately the timer is constantly reset, even after taking advantage of the fight; the dead ships then repaired by our enemies, the incessant comings and goings of small fast ships and those bearing our tag, it's almost mission impossible to prevent them from approaching, the fight drags on so long as we almost destroyed the entire enemy fleet. The Liberation "30 seconds left" (combat timer on alien core) Announced in voicecom, still no hostile contact... When suddenly a M core appear, rushing to the alien core. "15" Some of our remaining forces are concentrated on him, the burst is violent but it's not enough. "10" He is at 80km from the core, almost dead but he still represents the last threat of these long hours of confrontation. "OHNO OHNO OHNO HE IS SHOOTING [filtered] MY LIFE" ... "IT'S REPAIRED" Nerd screams, phew of relief, Legion held on but not without difficulty. A big GG to everyone, even if the game is clearly not the most pleasant for PVP currently, it's events like this that make the game live. Bravo for the organization, the execution and the destruction of the core. We had a lot of trouble keeping our precious plasmas Some stats about those fight The opposing forces: Legion vs "Empire, BOO, CVA, Penrose, CYT, IC, CRN, MSI, SB Nation, UA and I think another 1 or 2, just a handful from each, think IC had the most, but mostly new to PvP" +/- 150 ships involved ~40 Legion members at the end More than 3 hours of fight 45+ wrecks still close to Gamma this morning Very very little amount of stasis Too much ammo fired Too much kills Not enough transponder xD
  12. Hi, About the T5 on alien core, the only problem is about the MU who allow to farm it in safezone, who mean 0 interactions and no risk. RISK AND REWARD are the key for creating content without any efforts from devs. We still wait for a lot of important questions, DU got a lack of content/gameplay loop and with the wipe question still not replied, you just create more and more frustration. If you don't want talk about your wipe decision, then talk about really important things who can motivate people to wait and keep their faith in your game. Don't just focus easiest questions.
  13. The game is actually broken and devs themself explain that they can't keep a corrupted base (exploits without rollback/market bug/duplication/schemaforfree/duplication of voxels/too much quanta, ressources/...) for make a great release. With a wipe we give a 2nd chance to NQ to modify everything that can't be modified atm (Schematics/Ore dispatch/Planets/etc...) They can fail, but it's their only chance to create a DU who can attract a large amount of players, and I have a lot of assets in this game, in BP, in our junkyards (300+ ships with ~every nice ship from DU creator), quanta and ressources but that doesn't mean I can't accept those facts.
  14. For now, without asking for dev' a better friendlist/contact who take care of orgs and co, we can just focus on a color link to the pilot. It's basic but that works without too much effort/time. But yeah, in the future we need a more developed system
  15. Update about alien core: Still no enemies on them, no shields, no extractors, only ours are active No fight for them in 10 defense Athena was PVP oriented? I think it’s only a good reason for lost more PVP members combined with the wipe notalk.
  16. I just wanna show how it could be easy to add this 4 icons, they already add the function to see your friends/orgs mate when you mouse over a core, they already add another color on icons for dynamic constructs with the green version of it and they show red and blue icons in a promotional video… Imho devs lost more time with the obstruction of radar than with this needed implementation. They can obviously dev something better than what I propose but I just want it, even if they use the simpliest one.
  17. Hi, can we have different colors on dynamic construct in PVP? By priority order: NQ Staff > Green (like actually) Transponder match, not a NQ Staff > Blue Transponder didn't match BUT pilot is in friendlist/orgs and not a NQ Staff > White Transponder didn't match, not in friendlist/orgs and not a NQ Staff > Red It's the first MMO where I can't clearly see my ennemies/allies, I take 2 minutes for color them on GIMP, with 5 minutes you can have a nice icon for sure.
  18. Alien core part3: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1482051866 150 minutes afk slowboat, playing another game, for Enjoy our content guys At least, before Athena I got some hauler to hunt..
  19. The forbidden area around alien core is a bug, they work on it but without a patch we have to play without the right to deploy a dynamic construct near them yep. Btw the 2nd alien core attack was another no fight, nobody show up, I hope we will got something one day 😕 Sound was messy, we (SNS) talk in french and I got the Legion coms in the same time... in english so... I need to setup my stream for dodge this problem on stream but until we really got content, I will not try hard my stream setup, sorry ^^' Out of this, you just can see SNS capital ship with 6 docked M core who arrive to the alien core, I undock my ship and my radar show all our allies, a scout ship come and instant die from my allies and that's all, we wait 20 minutes and we back home, with less motivation and less arguments for keep our players ingame.
  20. Alien core can be a good feature... If only players really need to fight for them, let me show you what we will really have 99% of the time: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1480246940 (No sound because of comms, sorry) Why defend a station is a waste of ressources and time? - Shields are too low, we can't wait for our ennemies before moving - So we will need to travel 300SU+ or warp our entire fleet each time we have to defend, even for nothing - Ship aren't protected when dock on a station with a shield (??) - This can help ppl with lot of job/kids or else to setup their ship when they can - If we take at least 2 core we have to defend an alien core each day - If we want to attack, we add another timer where we need to be, again it can be each day - Why we don't have a combat free timer after we win a defense? With your wipe talk without ANY DECISION, with your patch against any PVP mechanic or method, a big nocare about some of the oldest bugs known in DU... We don't have any other content outside of alien core in PVP now. We send plenty of idea/feedback for a better PVP or more confortable, we tryhard each PTS for help, report each bug/exploit find even if that lead to another nerf of our content How can we keep our players hype for Dual Universe? Why NQ stay so quiet? (Entropy did a nice feedback but only around voxels and shields for PVP but some other part are missed) Our ennemies got the same problem, maybe more because we are really lucky to have so many ppl still active on DU. Don't kill your game, listen us, don't stay focus on your ideas if everyone say it's not the good way and talk with your community.
  21. How can we still see such messages again and again... I have a simple question: have you tried piracy? This question involves understanding if you realize that a PVP player has to be a basic PVE player; He needs ammunition, fuel, warpcells, elements (high tier engines/weapons/radar) and for that, he makes as much effort or more than any other PVE player. A pirate spends a large part of his time in the PVP zone, whether it is to scout, camp or intercept a ship and sometimes he fights against other players; the losses of time, quanta, lives on the elements or just a simple ship are not negligible. A PVE player who launches a route in the PVP zone just has to afk and wait to do the route in a straight line, most of the time with a script and he can do something else on the side. Because if we criticize the fact that the pirates have too simply kills and if you said that making a detour to avoid a pipe takes too much effort, it's bullshit. To criticize the fact that a pirate does not always take the time to dialogue with his victim to find common ground is to forget that: - There is no way to contact a pilot BEFORE destroying his ship, if you could just "right click" on a ship icon and open a chat window, why not - 95% of the time the victim wants trashtalk more than calm talk, accusations of cheating are also very common - We maybe just don't have the time to talk To conclude; the PVP zone must be a lawless zone, piracy MUST be the main activity there and create a need for hauler security via mercenaries or alliances or even create conflict zones around an attack in order to secure a ship destroyed. Piracy must also be the most accessible PVP gameplay because new players or single players wanting to get into PVP must have the choice of learning PVP alone against haulers or other pirates. There will be no bot to fight against, remember that. Instead of wanting to redesign piracy to make it more complex, redesign your gameplay and ships. Don't go out into the PVP zone unarmed or unescorted, get closer to an alliance with which you can call for help and have players who intervene to rescue you... Don't be what you criticize: players looking for ease.
  22. I must admit that a post like this was what I would have liked to see before, being able to speak with devs and understand your vision is important but also being aware that you are reading and analyzing our feedback. Thx for that. From my point of view; the speed limitation equation by the mass of the ships need to be less rude, to allow to have competitive ships with some voxel and a skin/identity, not just a stack of elements, your orientation pushes too much to lose all what is best designed in DU: the construction and the voxel. Shields should be limited by core size; Shield L for core L only, M for core L and M etc.. I sent a TTK video test to Deckard regarding tanking a ship with voxel and taking the whole box of an L core, it dies in 20 seconds with a good focus, during a fleet fight with 100% hitrate from anywhere, having ships with so many weaknesses (large cross section, slow, expensive in HC and elements ...) which become throwable and it's clearly not a solution. You need a real balance, the small ships are very powerful due to the misses, weapon damage are really too high for allowing another meta if you change anything.
  23. Put your space markets in space, and not in this damn safezone, with bot who buy T3+ ore or something else 2 or + SU Safezone around it, no beacon/station allowed on them >gj you created usefull space market
  24. It would just kill the interest of holding the field or the points of interest that the defense of these ships creates. The problem is the low interest in voxeled ship in the meta, with CCS, elements will die with the voxels and their placement/protection will be important.. don’t ask for « solution » who will just give us more broken items, less interesting fleet fight organization and before anything else without solving the main problem, the meta ship without voxel.
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