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  1. Hey guys it's me I see the hate COPS thread was taken down by NQ and I just want to say sorry staring that thread and I promise I will not do anything like that again. Please forgive me and let us just forget the past -FT03
  2. We should have a fashion magazine, it will talk about the latest fashion trends like space suits, and space suits, oh and can't forget space suits, oh yeah those thongs with very inappropriate and cheesy sex puns.
  3. well number one said from destroying cops once and for all muahahaha. Jk I'm over that
  4. You know building a space elevator is now going to be my number one goal one the game is out jut to say I built it if shadowlord dosen't mind we could build it under the name of silverlight industries
  5. I wonder if you can build a space elevator in the game I can think of a few ways, how would you build one?
  6. I wonder if you can build a space elevator in the game I can think of a few ways, how would you build one?
  7. I could thing of a few ways to make a monorail system or space elevator using hovercraft engines.
  8. Ok thanks you guys. But one more question WHAT IS THE ARKSHIP?!
  9. Ok you know there was that gameplay video. Well for a second the guy turned arround and there was a massive structure out in the distance, then later when he was up in the space station comand room he looked down and there was a little speck on the planet's surface. And if you know that it is PLEASE don't call me a noob just tell me. Thanks
  10. I don't get it! If this is going to be a game revolveing arround economy and trade there will have to be a universal currency of some sort, or not what if we all just barder, or we can use a certain material and imagine it as the currency, tell us what you think.
  11. I want there to be hand held guns. Becouse I want to walk into the middle of a city and start a mass shooting and be like "allu Akbar!!!"
  12. I wonder if there is going to be a global chat board like in roblox just at a larger scale.
  13. But what if it's like minecraft where you just place a tall stack of blocks build what you want to build then remove the supporting blocks and BOOM! You got a floating city
  14. I hope it will be like no man's sky where there are entire ecosystems with different plants and animals or even intelligent npc, I don't want it to be just players.
  15. I wonder if it wil be like minecraft where you can stack blocks verticaly and then destroy the supporting block without having the other books falling down a cuz I wana build some floating islands.
  16. I think NQ is developing hovercraft engines for ground based vehicles, so will you be building those too?
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