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  1. What shadow has done is very complicated in its own way and it is not easy for a game to troubleshoot why there game wont work on a cloud computer, What im guessing is that du may need to access a part of shadow that they are not able to seing that our shadow computers arnt exactly full desktops, for them to trouble shoot the issue they would have to purchase a cloud computer which if they did it know the range of them getting one would be from now to December which is a long time. It's not as looking through files and seeing what might be wrong but rather a more complicated process.
  2. you must be new to the game because this happened at the beginning of the beta
  3. they cant just make people do things thats the issue, players running things rely on the players actually doing it them selves
  4. its earl start to the game things will pick up later down the road
  5. what i ment is that once they drop the planet safe zones then warp wont be the way it is and that they have a process of doing everything
  6. you guys do know that when warping to a planet outside of safe zone you dont warp into atmo so you can still be shot down by pirates thats exactly what they do. follow warp points and wait for people to exit. what movie or game do you know that allows you to pvp or be shot down while in warp thats one of the points of warp.
  7. Bud, Have you ever watched a jc interview. He has always said this is not a game that you will just be able to obtain everything like that. This is a game that is prefered to play with others. Its not no mans sky or space engineers
  8. cool, The if u payed attention to the game before u bought it. Its suppose to be a grind.
  9. what do u have if u can only carry one l container. I can carry more then one with a M ship.
  10. u can be many things in the game, Its for you to choose. Not everything comes easy. This game isnt suppose to be a 1,2 dont type of game. Its a game you have to grind to establish something good and thats just how it is and how its going to be
  11. Imagine going 100,000 and hitting a planet. The games not gonna like that to much and may cause issues
  12. Well the place you do tuts are no longer markets but are highly swarmed with random ships people choose to lay around. I would skip the tut and try to leave the district frames should get better
  13. The water plane still has custom properties that allow hover engines to hover over it.
  14. thats what there trying to change, everyone Being able to do that can ruin an economy
  15. right click and delete the item (not sure if it says delete but you will know what your looking for when u see it.)
  16. that function is coming out this year they already have it in development if not almost done already
  17. this is a movie game, Physics are compared to newtons law in this game. Also the falcon wasnt made to carry 10 large containers full of stuff
  18. You can find a tutorial on youtube and no you cant pick a tcu up
  19. There are alot of issues, They cant announce there they are fixing each specific issue.
  20. Then dont play the game. If you want something that has set content then find another game.
  21. Them only letting you buy what is it 3 months rn is to help them afford to keep the servers running and the ability to constantly upgrade them. 20 bucks for 3 months is not bad at all.
  22. You do realize that the community makes the content correct? If you were following the game you would know that.
  23. imagine saying the its a failed game while the game is still being made lol.
  24. See I just love how people most likely not even in the development scene can complain about a company not fixing a server issue a week into beta. ITS BETA AND BEFORE YOU BUY IT, ITS STATES ISSUES CAN HAPPEN. There the first to create a server that can hold the amount of people it holds with the scale of the game. You cant just hear a problem and automatically know how to fix it. These things take time. So how about you stop sitting on your high horse and give them time or go make your own damn game and see how hard it is. I so tired of people bashing nq because they cant fix a problem when you want them to.
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