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  1. Start > eventvwr.exe > System > Filter by Error and Warning. Find the entry that coincides with your crash. Could try posting it here to see if anyone knows what to do about it. If you don't see an entry in System that matches the time of your crash, you can also look in the 'Application' log.
  2. Every early release (Beta etc) I have ever played has been problematic. It's normal and expected. If you want perfection on a Beta release, then you would have no game at all because they would never be able to release it. There are other companies that take forever to do anything about issues and leave the game unplayable for long periods of time. NQ has shown themselves to be different in that they are actively working on issues constantly. Do they get everything right within 2 seconds? No, but remember that this is new tech and they are only recently able to see the true effects of a larger player base. They tried to do a stress test pre-beta but I'm sure there are way more players now that had shown up for the test. They need time to adjust to the new data and results they are now dealing with. What I see is a great team of people that are actually interested in improving the game and are doing so actively. Being able to get real-time results via Discord is, in my opinion, above and beyond. If you are really that pissed, I definitely recommend taking a break and coming back after they have had more time to make improvements.
  3. It's early Beta and there are bugs and server issues. Discord is blowing up constantly with people having issues, complaints and crying. Being a DU employee is probably stressful as hell right now but I see them working through issues and helping people real-time as fast as they can. These guys have worked long hours through the weekend to try and keep the game playable for us. Yeah there has been downtime, but overall I'm having a lot of fun. This is a really, really cool game! Try to remember that they are only human and they are doing the best they can. They need some positivity to counter all the salt and crying. Have patience, we have a bad ass game here - just need to give them some time to work things out. Thank you DU devs and staff! UluenX
  4. If you leave and re-enter the tutorials a few times, you might get a working instance. Worked for me. Alternately, in the building tutorial for example, you can walk under the static core, choose build mode after focusing on the core, then just jump/fly up to building level with space bar. From there you can basically complete the tutorial (will need to keep doing this for each section you move onto). It's janky but I got through it. If you can find the patience to get through the tutorials, bugs and crashing (whiskey might help) - jump on the shuttle and get to Sanctuary. Once I got there, things seemed to stabilize. Go out and claim a piece of land and start building stuff. It becomes addicting Just remember - it's a Beta game. Lots of stuff works, but the bugs are definitely not worked out yet.
  5. After the recent 2GB patch, I was crashing on load - something to do with NVidia driver I think (even though it's up to date). I just kept trying until it eventually let me in. Previous to the patch I was crashing due to low virtual memory (Dual.exe was using my entire page file even after increasing it to 32GB). After taking the shuttle to Sanctuary, I haven't had either problem. If you are still on Alioth in the cities, I recommend finishing up your activities there as soon as you are able and then leaving. The game seems to stabilize once you are out of the crowded areas. One other idea - if you are actually loading into the game and then crashing - you might want to choose the respawn option before you load into game. It will respawn you at your origin point. I had to do that once to get out of a crash loop.
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